Card Show Finds And Randy Wells

'62 Topps Card Show

I was able to pick four more cards for my ’62 set.  I was really looking to add a Willie Mays to the mix but he was no where to be seen on this day.  I was able to add the Eddie Mathews card I’ve been looking to get for a while.  Every time I’ve bid on eBay for this one, I’ve been outbid by a couple of cents at the last second.  Total damage done for this lot was about $25.  The Eddie Bressound card is part of the hi number series, which carry a ridiculous price tag for who some of the players are.

Card Show June

These all ran me about a $1 a piece, even the ’83 Topps Traded Tom Seaver autograph.  The fighter jet card is for my son, I’m not real sure what set it is from.  If anyone knows, please drop a comment and let me know too.  I was able to pick up 45 of the ’61 Fleer Greats for less than $1 a piece.  I may try to complete this set or I may trade them away or I might sell them off, I haven’t really made up my mind yet on this one.

Card Show Cubs June

I also had to pick up some vintage Cubs for my binder.  And in other news, can somebody buy this kid a damn win already.

randy wells

Randy Wells has started 5 games, has an ERA of 1.69, a W/K ratio of 7/27, and is 0-2.  This is how bad the Cubs have been playing this year!  He has pitched his ass off, only to let the bullpen piss away his leads or had the hitters get shutout behind him.  If I was him I would hate every single player in the locker room.


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3 responses to “Card Show Finds And Randy Wells

  1. Nice stuff. I also attended a show this weekend. Stop by tomorrow to check out what I picked up. From what you posted, we picked up the same of 1 card… Any guesses???

  2. My money is on the ’73 Cubs team card. I was going to throw that in with the other stuff I got laying around here for you, but if you got it, I’ll keep it!

  3. Nice job on the ’61 Fleer Greats. I really like those.

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