Booted Off Beckett Again

Cardboard DickRiceLynnFuckingCockSucker75

The same two culprits got me booted again.  This time they enlisted the help of a mod.  I’m not sure why I got booted this time, the only guess is that they don’t like it when you tell the world that you easily hopped back on with a  new account.  The irony here is that while they are busy policing the boards for a blogger who disagrees with a couple of board members (and I mean people who use their message boards, not any one truly important or anything), there is post after post on their boards about people continuously ripping people off in trades.  Just about everyday there is a new post about it and once someone posts it several more come forward who have also been cheated out of their trades by the same guy.  Their seem to be several people taking advantage of the system there.  If someone posts any info on the culprit they are immediately asked to remove it.  All you have to do is change your screen name and you’re ready to rip some more people off.  If your account is banned, you can have a new one up in less than five minutes.  I had one set up before mine was officially banned.  Still nothing gets done about it.  This tells me I am more of a threat to Beckett than several of their customers getting ripped off by the system they use.  I know this is not true, but do they?

The irony doesn’t stop there.  While blasting me on their boards one of them posted my blog address and pointed them to the post where I called them pricks.  They also made fun of my Mom and even took a shot at the late great Pumpsie Green .  This made my readership nearly double!  Somebody even spent 4 hrs and 55 min. reading every post I’ve ever written, here’s a hint, it’s one of the guys posted above.  Now if you can remember back when I was booted the first time around, it was because I sent a PM to one of these guys telling them to check out Zistle.  He was looking for some answers to the many problems with their site so I simply suggested he check out Zistle.  He turned me in for spamming.  Instantly banned.  Here’s the kicker, Zistle had the highest number of outclicks the day he posted this.  If anybody doesn’t know, an outclick is the link they use to get away from your site.  So more people went to the site that I was supposedly spamming for that day because of him.   He single handedly told every one I called him a dick, doubled my readership, and sent several people who use Beckett to go and try Zistle.  How fucking great is that?

My last contact was with Mr. Fan.  His email read……..

Your’e a idiot, enjoy being the douce you are.

I responded with……..

It’s douche, you illiterate imbecile.

I think I won that one.  As I said, I already had an account set up Sunday night before I got the boot.  I’m going to let it sit and try to avoid these guys all together.  I still have a few contacts that I only have on Beckett.  I don’t think I will waste any more time on their boards, nothing ever good comes from it, haha.  These guys also tried to tell me to be careful when posting private information and the defamation of their character.   Apparently they don’t like being called names and having their profiles linked. WTF?

This brings me to the new feature on the side bar.  I call it “The Douche Baggery”.  Here you will find links to their Beckett profiles.  They tell me they are the most trusted traders on the site.  I, in no way doubt that, but do believe they belong in “The Douche Baggery.”

I will end this small rant with a poll, please pick which one you think has the bigger crush on Chris Olds.


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2 responses to “Booted Off Beckett Again

  1. The Cardboard Fan

    And again, you go with the attacks… I have never had you booted… do not have the power to… and do not stay in contact with the mods… I personally do not care if you are on the site or not as long as you are constructive to the hobby… and it seems you always mock the site by bashing as well as totally ignoring the TOS of the site… I personally try to create constructive trade relationships with everyone I can on the 15 or so different sites I am on and it would be no different than you so come on man… living behind a blog bashing people, companies, etc. has to get old.

  2. The Cardboard Fan

    I am not sure why we can’t all get along?… it is a hobby

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