Who Am I Contest

I have played 17 seasons in the Major Leagues.  I made it to the post season 11 out of those 17 seasons.  I have never won a World Series.  Houston, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh are a few of the teams I have played for.  My Nephew was a Star Trek actor.  I made an appearance in the NCAA final four basketball tournament as a point guard, making me 1 of 2 people to appear in both the World Series and the Final Four.  I am a 6 time All Star, 4 time gold glover who has led the league in hits, triples, and at bats.

Who am I.

First with the correct answer in the comments wins a prize package of the team of their choice.  Good Luck!


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4 responses to “Who Am I Contest

  1. I am in second place with – Kenny Lofton…

  2. Congrats Steve! Finally I get to unload some Sox cards! Shoot me your address and I’ll get you a stack sent out soon. Brian, congratulations on coming in second. Unfortunately in this contest you are nothing more than the first loser. I’ll still get something out to you shortly. Thanks for the participation and GO CUBS!!

  3. I guess Tim Stoddard must be the other to have appeared in a Final Four and World Series. He won the Final Four (NC State, 1974). He appeared in the 1979 Series, which the Orioles lost in 7. He was a member of the 1983 Orioles, but didn’t appear in the Series.

    He’s the only person with both an NCAA D-I basketball and World Series championship.

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