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Random Dealings

Is Cueto retarded.

I bought a blaster of ’09 Bowman today and pulled this beauty of a card.  I’ve seen Cuetos auto before, I think it was the ’08 Topps set.  I was hoping that maybe he didn’t understand that they would use this particular signature on the front of his card, but here it is again.  I know Night Owl is waiting ever so patiently for his Cueto redemption.  I too, am looking forward to seeing what his card will look like.  In my head I imagine it written in green crayon with the E T O of his name under the rest because he ran out of room.  At least that’s how my 5 yr old does it.

Cubs Win

Above is the highlights of a trade with Ed from Roll Out The Barrel.  He is a Brewers fan, which I won’t hold against him, who was in need of some ’08 Masterpieces.   He sent in return a nice stack of Cub’s cards.  I like the Heritage sets.  I don’t collect them for the simple reason of the insane SP’s.  I do, however, love the Chrome versions of these cards.  If anyone has any Cub’s Chrome Heritage for trade, hit me up.  I want them.  Also included was the ’88 Score Highlights card of the first night game at Wrigley.  I can remember that night like it was yesterday.  I was riding my bike home from a friends house to watch the game and got stuck in the same storm that rained out the game.  I had welts from the hail, our power went out, I scrounged around the house to find enough C batteries to power our gigantic boom box only to find out the game was going to be rained out.  It’s almost an analogy of being a Cub’s fan.

In other news, I may or may not be getting reinstated on the Beckett boards.  I have my fingers crossed.  You will here more about this when I get the word.  Also this was on the front page of Yahoo so some of you I’m sure have seen it.  Anyone who hasn’t, it’s worth 2 minutes of your day.


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