Random Dealings

Is Cueto retarded.

I bought a blaster of ’09 Bowman today and pulled this beauty of a card.  I’ve seen Cuetos auto before, I think it was the ’08 Topps set.  I was hoping that maybe he didn’t understand that they would use this particular signature on the front of his card, but here it is again.  I know Night Owl is waiting ever so patiently for his Cueto redemption.  I too, am looking forward to seeing what his card will look like.  In my head I imagine it written in green crayon with the E T O of his name under the rest because he ran out of room.  At least that’s how my 5 yr old does it.

Cubs Win

Above is the highlights of a trade with Ed from Roll Out The Barrel.  He is a Brewers fan, which I won’t hold against him, who was in need of some ’08 Masterpieces.   He sent in return a nice stack of Cub’s cards.  I like the Heritage sets.  I don’t collect them for the simple reason of the insane SP’s.  I do, however, love the Chrome versions of these cards.  If anyone has any Cub’s Chrome Heritage for trade, hit me up.  I want them.  Also included was the ’88 Score Highlights card of the first night game at Wrigley.  I can remember that night like it was yesterday.  I was riding my bike home from a friends house to watch the game and got stuck in the same storm that rained out the game.  I had welts from the hail, our power went out, I scrounged around the house to find enough C batteries to power our gigantic boom box only to find out the game was going to be rained out.  It’s almost an analogy of being a Cub’s fan.

In other news, I may or may not be getting reinstated on the Beckett boards.  I have my fingers crossed.  You will here more about this when I get the word.  Also this was on the front page of Yahoo so some of you I’m sure have seen it.  Anyone who hasn’t, it’s worth 2 minutes of your day.


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3 responses to “Random Dealings

  1. EdS

    Hey, glad you enjoyed the cards!

    I’ve seen that bat trick by Josh Womack before and it always looks like camera tricks, this version is a lot cleaner and looks more real.

    I’m not quite sure what to make of it…I always think of the Nike tv commercial where the bat girl climbs the wall to make a catch when I see it.

  2. Jaysus. Topps not only insists on using that autograph, but they give him a horizontal card so the thing is huge to boot?? I’m so glad I’ve given up on Bowman…

  3. owlatnight

    The reason I’m looking forward to the Cueto autograph card so much (and have not asked for a replacement) is not just because it’s my first redemption card but because there are supposedly a couple of different versions of Cueto’s autograph. One is the child-like scrawl that is on the Bowman card and another is a more “adult” signature. I can’t wait to see which one it is.

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