Card Show Finds

It was the first Sunday of the month and if you’ve read much of this blog you know that means it was card show Sunday.  It was the holiday weekend so there were only four dealers and even less buyers.  To say it was dead would be an understatement.  The guy I buy most of my ’62’s from was gone so I just bought a few random items.  The first thing I bought was a half full box of 2003 Topps 205.  This set is beyond confusing.  There are different variations for the fronts as well as the backs and minis to boot.  Here are a few key pulls from those.

Topps 205 mess

I like the looks of these cards but if I have to hunt down 3 or 4 different variations of each and then have to chase every version of the minis, I’ll pass on trying to complete this set.  I also picked up some more vintage cub’s cards.  I’m in the process of organizing my Cub’s binder.  I’ve finally got to the point to were I can justify filling a binder and leave the empty holes for the cards I need.  It is definitely a work in progress and I hope to get an up to date needs list together after I get it all done.  I found a nice site for team collectors who are in need of the team’s checklists.  It has proved to be invaluable so far for this project.   I picked up a lonely ’62 of Merritt Ranew for a buck, so the day wasn’t a whole bust.  I picked up one of those modern day shiny cards too.  Some guy named Koyie Hill.  If you don’t know about this guy you should.  I’ll have to do a post later down the road when I have enough time to devote to it.  He really does have a great story.

Other pick ups

I was also able to pick up a card for $10 that back when I was collecting the first time around, would of cost me a whole hell of a lot more.

Fergie auto

All in all not a bad day.  I’ll leave you with this steroid dripping fold out card from the 205 set.


Aren’t they cute?

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  1. Whole lot of great stuff there, especially for there being so few dealers.

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