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Contest: Guess The Sketch

Mystery card

Here is the latest sketch card drawn by 5 yr. old Ms. Addison Gitz.  She wants to make a contest out of it.  She is willing to make a custom sketch card for who ever is the first person to guess which card this is.  All you have to do is leave your answer in the comments section.  All guesses are welcome, the more guesses the better.  I will put together a small prize package from a team of your choice and Addison will make a sketch card from a card of your choice.  If no one comes close, I will release a few clues to help out.  The only clue I will give out now is that it is from an ’09 release.  I also promised her I would post her rendition of the 1992 UD Rick Wilkins card, so here it is.  Thanks and good luck!

Rick Wilkins


Paul from Carl Crawford Cards is the winner.  That went a lot quicker than I had thought it would.   Paul, I need to know what card you would like a 1/1 sketch done of,  and as soon as it is finished it will be sent your way.  Thanks for playing along, she got a big kick out of it.



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