I Crown Thee, King Of The Douce Baggery


No, not you Dick.

If you don’t know my history with the Beckett website or it’s message board members you can catch up HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Most of the members are great and helpful people, but there seems to be a couple of them who go out of their way to be assholes.

The short and curly of it is that I’ve had issues with a couple of members causing one of them to turn me in for “spamming” and creating more than one account.  One of them was The CardboardFan.  He turned out to be a pretty cool guy and after this whole fiasco, I probably owe him a small apology.  The other member is known as RiceLynnEvans75.  It turns out that not only is he a dick, he is also a huge pole, hypocrite and a bit of a liar.

If you have visited this site lately you would have noticed a couple of assholish comments left by “Jake McComb”.  He doesn’t like me very much, but he must be a huge fan of the site because he has visited it a couple of dozen times in the last couple of days.  He leaves a comment and then checks back until I come up with something new to say back.  I thought I would entertain him and devote a whole post to him.  The only problem is that he isn’t him.  What I mean is, Jake McComb is really RiceLynnEvans75, who’s real name is actually Bill.  My question is why disguise yourself?  Why, when asked the question “Were the Beckett boards down again?” you make the statement “Beckett boards are useless. I wouldn’t know.”  That’s a flat out lie, not the useless part but the part about you not knowing, you of all people should know, you are just over 1,700 post on the old Beckett boards, including your latest display of jackassery.  HERE. Do you practice being a dick or does it just come naturally?  You drip with hypocrisy. You claim you hate spam, yet here you are bombarding me with unwanted and unnecessary comments.  You turn me in for creating a second account and turn around and pretend to be someone else when leaving me comments.  You weasel.  Own up to it and call me out by who you really are.  Did you really think I wouldn’t figure out it was you?  See, when you are as big of an asshole as you seem to be, people line up to sell you out.  You might want to check some of your good buddies over on the Beckett boards.  They were all to friendly to help me connect the dots.  I know it’s you, I know your real name, I know your IP address, I know your email address, which, by the way, is not sumone28@yahoo.com, I even know the city in which you live.  Go ahead and hide behind “Jake McComb” if you want.  I’ll be here, hiding behind nothing, eagerly awaiting your response.  Just remember there are no Mods to run to on here.  I run this shit.  So continue your shenanigans, you will only slowly reveal who you really are.  The King Of The Douce Baggery.


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6 responses to “I Crown Thee, King Of The Douce Baggery

  1. LOL!! Conspiracy theories? Gain control of your life man!

  2. This is no theory, it is just you stirring up shit. Again, I know it’s you Bill so you can quit pretending. It would be a wild coincidence that you two live in the same town and share the same IP address. I have the cold hard proof it’s you so you can quit your little charade.

  3. This is hilarious. If you want to think I’m someone I’m not, go for it, it’s cool by me. I just laugh at the fact that you post an entire blog article about one person. I’m sure lots of people take your blog seriously now. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to try and get some semblance of traffic on this site right?

  4. Lately the bulk of the traffic has been you. This blog was never meant to be taken seriously in any way and I have never cared one bit about traffic. You are a fine example of the Beckett mentality!

  5. Jake McComb

    Damn, I actually feel bad for that guy you\’re dumping on. Oh well, you\’re moronic crap amuses me so it\’s all good. And oh, by the way, look up an IP all you want. I use proxy servers whenever I post on these things. Dolt.

  6. You do now. I believe it’s hidemyass.com. When you leave a comment it displays your IP address,, on my dashboard. I match that with all of your other visits on sitemeter. Then match that with your alias’s IP address and BINGO, it’s you. They all match. There is no need to try and convince me it is not you, I have more than overwhelming proof. BTW, your proxy shows up the same way every time you visit. You may want to use alternating proxies if you don’t want me to know it’s you. If anyone has had a comment from RiceLynnEvans75 on their site in the past maybe you could verify they are the same. I already know, but apparently he doesn’t.

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