“Obak” To Business

I apologize for the horrible pun, but I want to get back to baseball cards and away from the garbage from the last few days.  While shopping at the local Wally World I was surprised to see a gravity feeder full of packs of Obak.  At first I thought this set was going to be an Allen & Ginter knockoff full of minor leaguers.  After buying three packs I realize this set is so much more.  The first thing that surprised me was I only pulled two current minor leaguers from the three packs.


I pulled Atlanta’s #1 prospect Jason Heyward and Texas Rangers prospect and Matt Wieters high school teammate Justin Smoak.  I was kind of excited because I have actually heard of both of these guys.  The rest of the cards were what really got me interested in this set.


I now am the proud owner of a card featuring Gregg Jefferies doing some sort of rain dance.  By the looks of the clouds in the background it’s working.  I also pulled a great card of Project ’62’s favorite Ryne Sandberg.  Who’d a thunk that in 2009 I would buy a pack of baseball cards and pull a Gregg Jefferies and a Ryne Sandberg card?  Not me that’s for sure.  The rest of the cards are a bit of a history lesson of the minor leagues.


I now realize there are baseball facts I don’t know, but should know.  The first is about the guy on the first card, Ron Necciai.  This is my new favorite card of a guy I have never heard of.  Apparently back in 1952, Ron struck out 27 batters in a 9 inning game.  I’m no mathematician, but I think that means every out was made by a strike out.  Pretty damn impressive!  The second card features a young Wesley Rickey, better known as Branch Rickey.  I knew he was responsible for signing Jackie Robinson and breaking the color barrier that stood strong for many years.  What I did not know was that he was a pro ball player in the early 1900’s and he also created the framework for the modern minor league farm system. Here are the scans of the rest of the cards.



They include the inventor of baseball, the guy they named that one trophy after, and a women who played minor league ball in the ’30’s who once struck out Ruth and Gehrig in an exhibition game.  Who knew?

Here you go MattR……



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5 responses to ““Obak” To Business

  1. This has me officially excited about this set!

  2. This looks like a cool set. How are the backs?

  3. This set is exactly what this hobby needs! Cheers for Tristar! I had no idea they would be easy retail.

  4. How many cards were in each pack of the retail and how much did they cost?

  5. 4 cards plus a mini, I think they run $2.97 but they might have been $1.97. I lost the receipt and didn’t pay attention when I picked them up. I’ll know for sure tomorrow when I pick up a couple more. How did your boxes pan out?

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