Goodwin Champions 3 Pack Review

I managed to pick up 3 retail packs of the Goodwin Champs cards today.  I’ve seen a few posts on these but haven’t really read them, I have just been looking at the scans.  My initial thought on these were they were a cheap knock off of the A&G set.  I thought that about the Obak set too, but I found out that Obak had a little more to offer than I had first expected.  Unfortunately with this set, I was dead on.  I maybe even gave them too much credit when comparing it to A&G.  With out further ado………..

Pack 1


Right off the bat I pulled the one and only card I’ve seen that I wanted, Ichiro.  The Thome is nice too.  I like the use of the sunset behind him. It almost symbolizes were he is at in his great career, except he’s a Dodger now and that might be a sunrise.  The first impression of these cards I have is not overwhelming.  It feels like I’ve seen this set done a couple times already and done better.

Pack 2


This pack just completely pissed me off!  I mean, whoo hoo I got a black bordered mini of Kinsler, that’s cool, but c’mon, what the hell is the rest of this pack?  The first card, if you can even call it a card, has to be the worst card of the worst set ever produced.  I hope whoever came up with this idea for a set has since been fired and never allowed to work in the trading card industry ever again.  I don’t know who the guy is on this card, I am too lazy to try and figure it out, and I don’t care, but apparently he is responsible for our 401k’s getting flushed down the crapper.  Do we really need a card telling us we had a financial crisis in 2008?  Apparently Upper Deck should start collecting their own cards so they would get this little nugget of informative history.  Maybe if there is a crisis, you shouldn’t charge $2.00 for a pack of  four cards and include this shit as one of them.  The next card I love too.  If it weren’t for the (Thoroughbred Race Horse) next to Smarty Jones, I would of never have guessed what this was.  Really, it’s a horse!  Thanks for spelling that one out for me Upper Deck.  I thought it was a caribou ’till I read that.  If I was trying to put this set together I would have been even more pissed.  The only full sized card I pulled was of a horse.  Who wants to go back and buy another pack after that hoof to the nuts?

Pack 3


This pack is better than pack 2, but nothing to really get excited over.  I got a Jr. of a Jr. card.  I like the Ford card too, but it looks a little out-of-place when sitting next to the rest of the cards.  They should have decided to go with all paintings or all photo’s.  My vote would have been for paintings.  Can Johan really pitch from the tree tops like that?  He really is amazing!

My overall verdict is this set sucks.  It may have gotten a higher rating if it had not been for pack 2.  It also doesn’t help that there are two other sets that feel real similar to this that have been out for a while now.  It’s stuff like this that doesn’t bother me that UD won’t be around much longer in the game of baseball.  I don’t understand how they can put out such a top quality flagship series year after year and just flat out fail when trying to do these retro type sets.  Hopefully next year we start seeing some new sets and less rehashes of 100-year-old sets over and over again.

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  1. hmm, I have two boxes coming on Monday and have not seen a good review yet. Four cards per set? My assumption is that this is a retail pack? Either way, I am going to have fun with them no matter what, but those stupid UD retrospective cards are ridiculous.

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