Card Show Finds And Other Interesting Stuff

I’ll start this post of with a couple of card show goodies I picked up on Sunday.  I had to skip out on the show for the last two months so I was long over due for some card show goodness.  Unfortunately I had a $140 speeding ticket due Monday so I couldn’t really justify going ape shit on baseball cards.  I was able to piss away $30 and this is what I have to show for it.



My main supplier of ’62’s was there and was taking a beating so he offered up $100 worth of book for $25.  I managed to grab$108 for $20.  They’re a little beat up, but not a bad list of names.  I’ve been hunting down the Torre rookie for some time now so I’m happy to get that one off my list.   This brings me 6 cards closer to finishing the set.  I’m not sure how close I am because I have a stack I need to organize, but I think I’m closing in on the halfway point.

Here’s where the other $10 went……..

Card show

I managed to grab an auto of one of my new favorite players, Sam Fuld.  I’m almost sure the Cub’s will trade him now just to spite me.  He is one of the players they should of called up instead of signing Mr. Bradley.  He is also a major league record holder.  He owns the record of the most at bats, 101, without a RBI.  He finally notched his first career RBI on the last day of the season hitting his first major league home run.  Watch out for him next year, he’s just getting started.  I also scooped up a second year Jim Rice for a buck, a nice BowChrome Randy Wells, and a sweet jersey card of the mighty Dave Winfield.

Now onto the interesting stuff.  A few posts ago I showed a 1938 Jack Dempsey card I picked up off theBay.  It was PSA graded and trapped in plastic.  I remember reading an article or a post a few months ago about counterfeit Mantles being sold in PSA graded cases.  I wondered how easy it was to break open the case and replace the card within.  My answer, EASY!


All it took was a couple of thin wedges in a few strategic places and poof, my 1938 Jack Dempsey turned into a ’08 Hideki Matsui.  It’s completely sealed back up with no evidence of tampering.  This just furthers my anti-grading stance.  All the crooks need to do is counterfeit the cards and the PSA label and get a hold of a bunch of PSA graded cards, replace the guts and sell them on theBay.  It took me a whole two minutes to do this from start to finish.  Like the late great ODB once said, “Ooooh baby, I like it rawwww.”



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7 responses to “Card Show Finds And Other Interesting Stuff

  1. Brian

    Those 62’s look awesome.

  2. I had no idea there were jersey cards in the Topps Archives set.

  3. PSA is the worst of them when it comes to cracking cases. I did a sample of PSA, SGC, and BGS awhile back. PSA is easiest, SGC is a little more effort, and BGS is like Ft Knox. Granted, I only purchase SGC for my vintage because they are the most qualified in grading pre-war what with detecting alterations and I’ll pick up a BGS RC once in awhile because you can get them cheap in an 8.5 or 9 grade. People like to buy the label and not the card. I’ve purchased many cards only to crack them out of the holder. But yeah, overall, professional grading is a farce.

    What seller was that with the fake Mantle’s? He was picking up reprints weeks before he got them into a PSA holder with a legitimate label. It’s pathetic.

    Also, I think I’ve got a very small handful of ’62 Topps around somewhere. Whenever I drag my ass to pull them out of the box, I’ll let you know what numbers I’ve got. It’s only commons, that I know.

  4. Yeah, the one thing I give credit to Beckett for is the strength of their cases. They are almost impossible to crack and completely impossible to reseal. As far as the ’62’s go, I’d be happy to work out a trade, let me know.

  5. It’ll probably be awhile. I always say that I can dig things up and it takes me an eternity and a half. I’ll try to locate this weekend though.

  6. Joe

    Ummm… Am I the only one who, even in a one shot-2D view, thinks that PSA case looks super tampered with? It appears completely asymmetrical in its borders. I’ve cracked open quite a few PSA packs, and in my opinion, there is NO WAY one couldn’t tell up close that it had been tampered with. MAYBE thru pictures one could be fooled, but not when actually holding one. That’s my opinion, at least.

  7. RiceLynnEvans75

    That was the point if you read what he wrote.

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