TBS Sucks!


Why is it when the baseball season is over MLB turns the broadcasts over to a network that has little to no experience broadcasting baseball?   I’m watching the Phillies take on the Rockies right now and I can barely watch the game because my eyes are focused on that stupid Pitchtrax graphic.  How stupid is this fucking graphic!  I enjoy seeing it after a close call just to see where the ball fell, but having it visible for the whole damn game is useless!  What good does it do to see where the pitch was a second after you just seen where the pitch was?  Do we really need the broadcast to look like a video game?   If you are looking at this TBS, turn that shit off!  And while your at it fire every one of your broadcasters and make Craig Sager buy a normal fucking suit.

When I tune into a post season game I just want to watch a ball game, not some cluttered screen full of less than useless graphics, not some guy in a sparkly suit coat interrupt a victory lap to ask some stupid ass questions, and the last thing I don’t want to see when I tune in is a god damn Bon Jovi concert.  TBS you suck!


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10 responses to “TBS Sucks!

  1. Ummm….what is he wearing. I’m guessing he’s the dope in the purple suit we saw running around trying to interrupt players running around the ‘dome last night. We couldn’t tell what he was doing other than annoying people. Glad to know he was part of the TBS coverage. Makes a lot more sense now.

    And sadly, TBS has YEARS worth of experience covering baseball. Unfortunately they chucked their standard people to go “national,” and this is what they’ve come up with. Excellent.

  2. maybe this is just my ignorance, but when I was watching the Twins-Tigers game on Tuesday night (great game btw) it felt like there were several times that a batter would come to the plate and they would never tell you who it was.

    granted I know NL a lot better, but I am pretty sure that the Phils B-casters are pretty good about telling me who each batter is.

  3. tele

    Cameras are effed during gm1 of Cards snodgers series.
    give the coverage to espn, @ least their cameras do not give out!

  4. Yeah, now they have that stupid graphic were they measure the lead off at first. I just don’t need that shit while I’m trying to focus on the game. Maybe I’m just too easily distracted.

  5. Frank R

    What is the logic of having the ALCS on broadcast TV on FOX, but having the NLCS on TBS which is only available on cable?

  6. RiceLynnEvans75

    I’m not a fan simply because they try to do too much. Baseball does not need all the extra B.S. added to it. It’s gotten along just fine all these years without it. Who had the NLCS last year?

    I’m not sure what’s worse, all of this extra junk or listening to Joe Morgan on ESPN.

  7. The best solution is still:
    1) Turn the sound down and listen to your local broadcasters on the radio (and if your team isn’t in it, the ESPN radio guys at least are better than any TBS or Fox TV announcers).
    2) Whenever that bozo in the pink, orange, or purple clown suit comes on screen, avert your eyes, to avoid choking up your dinner.

  8. bootsie

    tbs the worst broadcasters ever! very biased practically crapping their pants when DEEEtroit does anything!

  9. Joe Schmoe

    Their graphics suck. You have to go up to the tv with a magnifying glass to read the stats. I can’t tell if the score is 2-0 or 3-0

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