Got Any Sam Fulds?

Sam Fuld

I’ve decided to try my hand at being a serious player collector during the off season.  I already collect a few of the Cub’s legends but I realize I will never be able to track down or afford every card they have out there.  I’ve wanted to start a player collection for some time now but I haven’t been able to choose one.  The players I’ve considered collecting have either fizzled out after an amazing rookie season, I’m looking at you Soto, or had their cards sky rocket in price for no real reason at all, yep that means you Kosuke.  Others have played a few too many years to try to catch up on like DeRosa and Reed Johnson.  I’m a big fan of Ryan Theriot, but so is every teenage female Cub’s fan and I don’t consider myself groupie material.  My options seemed limited until this season when I saw Sam Fuld go full blast into the bricks and ivy for an otherwise meaningless out.  This is the kind of player I could feel proud to collect.  He showed more guts and hustle  in his 65 games this season than Bradley and Soriano has shown in their careers combined.  He finished the season batting .299 with an OBP of .409.  If he gets the chance to be a position player I think he’ll be in the running for a gold glove.  He is also a diabetic.  Being a diabetic myself, I know some of the challenges he has to face to get out on the field on a daily basis.  According to Beckett he has a total of 155 cards with 77 autographed cards.  I’ve been able to track most of them down and they seem to be at reasonable prices.  So far I have two autos and a game used pants card.  I need to go through my Cub’s box later and see how many of his cards I have hiding in there.  It’s a 3600 ct. box so it may take a little while.  Hopefully I’ll get a checklist up soon of the cards I have and need.  In the meantime if any of you have a Fuld card you don’t want or need let me know.  Also if anyone comes across any of the more rare cards out there of him let me know where you seen it.  I will offer up some sort of finders fee if I am able to get one of these cards.  Hopefully the Cubs won’t trade him off before I can get this collection started.

3 Fuld

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