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I Was Starting To Think These Didn’t Exist

A dirty game used card.


Every game used card I have looks like it was washed with an Ultrabrite and DiDi Seven combo wash.  Until now.  It was a no brainer when I saw this on eBay for a BIN of $3.50 or best offer. I offered $1.50 and they accepted.  This card kicks ass.  First off, I rarely if ever see a swatch with any kind of anything on it, and if you do it’s usually a pinstripe.  I still can’t figure out why a jersey with a pinstripe can fetch more than a plain white swatch.  They’re the same thing, just one has a line on it, whoo hoo!  This is way cooler than a line, this has dirt and maybe a little bit of blood on it.  It makes me want to go find tape of the 2002 National team and figure out just when and where this happened.  Was it a diving catch or a bang bang play at the plate at the end of the game?  I may never know.  The other cool factor of this card is that it is Sam Fuld.  He’s one of those guys that wake up in the morning and can’t wait to get to the park and get dirty.  I didn’t even mind that I had to go to the post office and pay an additional $.34 to cover some of the postage.  Well actually, I kind of minded.  It was as cold as hell and it was raining and I had to go out in it because some schmuck couldn’t slap another stamp on the damn thing.  Oh well, I got a pretty damn cool card out of the deal.


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