Card Show Sunday

Once again it was the first Sunday of the month.  It’s hard to believe it’s already November and before we know it the holidays will be here.  I made a few purchases today and the one I’m pretty excited about is my first Micky Mantle card from his playing days.  It’s a poor man’s Mantle, but a Mantle none the less.

The MickThe Mick's Back

It’s a little roughed up and the back was used to see if a pen still had ink in it.  Unfortunately for me and fortunate for them it did.  The rest of the cards I picked up from this dealer made up for the condition this one was in.  I picked this up with around 100 different cards from the ’58 and ’59 set.  They were mostly commons but a few gems snuck their way in there.

'58 '59

Some of these cards are in great shape.  They have me thinking about sending a few of them in to be graded and see what they would fetch on eBay.  It stands for everything I’m against but I’d almost be a fool not to.  I know there’s a couple of 8’s and maybe a 9 or two in the pile.  All in all this little chunk set me back a total of $50.

I moved on and picked up a couple Cub’s of the vintage sort.

Vintage Cubs

I scooped these up with a 1980 Topps starter set for $15.  It’s just shy of 500 cards so if anyone has any extra ’80s Topps sitting around I’ll have my want list up soon.  Along with the 1980 set I picked up these from 1980.


This is something Topps should consider bringing back.  They are basically 3 card packs that were given away with purchases of Squirt and some promotion with Kmart.  I picked up about 30 packs for $.20 each.  I didn’t pull anything special, but it was fun busting 30 yr old free wax that only had 3 cards in them.  If you want the kids buying cards again, it would help if you forced them into their hands first.  If they did something like this again, how many of us would start drinking Squirt?  Yeah, me too!  Shopping at Kmart on the other hand, is a tougher sell.

Here’s the rest of the goods I picked up today.

Other stuff

I also picked up a jumbo box of ’92 Upper Deck just to see if I can get lucky and pull a Ted Williams Auto.  If I do I’m sure you’ll hear about it, I’m pretty sure I won’t though.

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  1. boyd Wilson

    The doubleheader a 6 the other cards should be a 4 then the middle 1 is a 5 bottom 1 is a 6

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