Guess The Grade (It’s A Contest)

Here’s the Prize

1962 Topps NL Wins Leaders #58

1959 Topps Dick Williams #292

1961 Fleer Dazzy Vance #81


I know I’ve said it here and many other places that grading services are nothing more than a scam to create a false scarcity in the collecting world.  The issues I have with grading are too many to mention.  There is no hobby standard as to what makes a card grade for what it grades for.  A PSA 8.5 is not a BGS 8.5 is not a BCCG 8.5.  Grading enthusiasts will argue until they’re blue in the face why there are differences, but in reality it simply creates confusion.  I’ve seen cards, in my opinion, in better condition receive lower grades than ones I thought were in worse condition.  I’ve witnessed cards receive unusually high grades only to learn later that there may have been favors traded for the high-grade.  For these reasons and many others I have sworn to never send a card in for grading.  Well, I’ve changed my mind.  What you say?  Yes, I have just packaged up four cards to send to the #1 Authority.  In exchange for damn near $50, they will tell me what I think I can see with my own two eyes for free.  The main reason for this is that I have a 1955 Topps Double Header card for which I can find no type of protection for other than a flimsy Card Saver III protector.  I recently saw one of these graded and it looked nice in the thick block of plastic.  It may have not looked nice, but it did look a lot more protected than mine.  Here’s what mine looks like.


I’m not real concerned with what this comes back with for a grade.  I’d just like to see it well protected.  It is over 50 yrs old and has a weakening perforation in the middle.  I’d like to see it stay in one piece for another 50 years.  I checked out the Beckett website for information on their grading services and after 3 error messages and 1 freeze up I was able to learn they are offering half price grading in the month of November, although it ends on November 15.  Go figure.  I also learned they hit you with a $13 shipping fee to return your cards no matter how many cards you send.  To make it worth my while, or at least close to worth it, I decided to send three of my nicer conditioned cards along with this one.  I’ll probably end up breaking the cases or try flipping them on eBay after I have them returned so to make sense of sending these cards for no real reason I’m going to make this a contest.  Below I will show you scans of the cards, front and back, and close-ups of all four corners.  What I want is for you to guess what the grade will be.  To win the prize, you need to guess all three overall grades on the money.  In case of a tie, I will use the ’55 Double Header as the clincher.  If no one gets all three grades correct I will offer up some sort of parting gift pack to the closest guesser.

Card #1)  1962 Topps Ron Santo



SantoTopLeft SantoTopRight

SantoBottomLeft SantoBottomRight

Card #2)  1959 Topps Dutch Dotterer



DutchLeftTop DutchTopRight

DutchBottomLeft DutchBottomRight

Card #3)  1961 Fleer Eddie Joost



JoostTopLeft JoostTopRight

JoostBottomLeft JoostBottomRight

There they are, in their raw beauty.  These will be sent off hopefully early next week.  They will be submitted for the 10 day service for $7 a piece.  I’ll keep everyone updated on how the process is going.  To win the cards at the top of the post, all you have to do is guess the overall grade of each card, including the Double Header.  You must get all three cards 100% correct to win the prize.  Two out of three won’t cut it.  I’ll use the grade of the Double Header as a tie breaker and if it is still tied after that I will award the prize to the earliest answer in the comments.  If more people get it correct I will try to award some sort of parting gifts for those people.  Only one guess per person.

Good Luck!



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9 responses to “Guess The Grade (It’s A Contest)

  1. 8.5, 8.0, 8.5, and 4

    I have no idea. They look great! How’s that for grading?

  2. boyd Wilson

    the double header a 6 then 4 then 5 & 6 on bottom card

  3. Santo: 5.5; card is miscut, image slanted. I have a McGwire rookie that was just like this got slammed by graders.

    Dotterer: 7; beautiful card, edges are a bit soft and one corner (back) seems to be slightly singed or lifted.

    Joost: 7.5; Solid card, edges are soft though.

    Tie Breaker: Doubleheader: 5; It’s hard to tell, but the top flap of the doubleheader looks scratched. Also, not sure how good that preferated edge is in person. The card looks good though.

  4. Ric Knapp

    62 ‘Santo: 5
    59′ Dotter: 6
    61′ Joost: 7
    55’ Double-Header: 6.5, never really looked at a Double-Header that close before…so this is a guess.

  5. Santo 8.0
    Dotter 7.5
    Joost 7.0
    Double Header 6.0

    Hope I made it in time – very interested in the results.

  6. wickedortega

    62 ‘Santo: 6
    59′ Dotter: 6
    61′ Joost: 7
    55′ Double-Header: 6

  7. Dan

    Santo: 6.5
    Dotter: 5
    Joost: 6
    Doubleheader: 5.5

  8. Did you ever get the cards back?

  9. nevermind, just saw the results. Good stuff.

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