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Last Chance To Enter The Contest

I just want to start out by saying I feel lost in the blogosphere without Wax Heaven being updated.  I hope someone decides to step up and try to fill Mario’s unusually large shoes.  I know it won’t be me because I have a hard time posting once a week.  But I truly hope someone decides to try to create something close to what Wax Heaven was.

On another note, I just got the cards back from Beckett on Saturday.  One person came so close I would almost feel bad not giving him the prize.  I wanted to give everybody who hasn’t taken a guess the opportunity to get their guess in.  Details of the contest can be found here.  I leave it open until Wednesday.  On Wednesday I’ll post a complete write-up on my experience on getting cards graded and pick a winner.  It’s not all bad and not all good either.

I generally  don’t like writing posts without some sort of eye candy.  So here is a scan of what I picked up at the local card show last weekend.  The Chrome came out of a box I picked up on the cheap and is up for trade.  So is the rest for that matter.  Enjoy.

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