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Who Pays This Much For This Stuff?

Final auction price:  $781.99
Yeah it’s Timmy and it’s a 1/1, but really?  That final bid is crazy in my opinion.  It’s a sticker auto with a fancy patch out of one of the more disliked releases of the year.  If someone would want to try and explain to me why someone would want to drop this kind of dough on this kind of card, I’ll be more than willing to listen.


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My Christmas Ebay Shopping Spree

That’s right, I’m sitting on $200 worth of eBay gift cards and my mind is spinning trying to figure out just what I want to buy.  The plan was for me to pick up a 1953 Bowman Color Pee Wee Reese, but it seems now that Christmas is over the eBay sellers have jacked their BIN prices through the roof.  I know of a couple places other than eBay I could pick one up at in better condition and at a better price, so Pee Wee will have to wait.  I think the plan will be to put a large dent in the ’62 set and pick up some vintage that catches my eye.  Truth is, I’ve already killed $50 of this as I’ve written this.  So far I’ve done pretty good.  Here’s what I’ve got so far and I’ll add scans when I get these in hand.

1969 Topps Roberto Clemente

1962 Topps Brooks Robinson

1962 Topps Hank Aaron

21 1962 Topps off my need list, including a Jim Kaat

All for $50 shipped.  So far so good!

Add a 1960 Topps Don Zimmer to the mix.

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