My Christmas Ebay Shopping Spree

That’s right, I’m sitting on $200 worth of eBay gift cards and my mind is spinning trying to figure out just what I want to buy.  The plan was for me to pick up a 1953 Bowman Color Pee Wee Reese, but it seems now that Christmas is over the eBay sellers have jacked their BIN prices through the roof.  I know of a couple places other than eBay I could pick one up at in better condition and at a better price, so Pee Wee will have to wait.  I think the plan will be to put a large dent in the ’62 set and pick up some vintage that catches my eye.  Truth is, I’ve already killed $50 of this as I’ve written this.  So far I’ve done pretty good.  Here’s what I’ve got so far and I’ll add scans when I get these in hand.

1969 Topps Roberto Clemente

1962 Topps Brooks Robinson

1962 Topps Hank Aaron

21 1962 Topps off my need list, including a Jim Kaat

All for $50 shipped.  So far so good!

Add a 1960 Topps Don Zimmer to the mix.

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One response to “My Christmas Ebay Shopping Spree

  1. John Bateman

    You can still get some lower grade stuff cheap on ebay.

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