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Starting The New Year Out Right!

This iconic card from the 1962 set was awaiting me in my mailbox this morning.  This is another one of those cards I never thought I would be able to own when I was a kid.  This is of course the card issued the year after he broke the single season home run record, a record that I still believe he deserves to hold today.

This was purchased on my Christmas eBay shopping spree.  According to Beckett this gem books at $500.  According to the real world it should book for right around $50, because that’s what I got it for.  I was prepared for it to have a couple of hidden creases or some other major hidden flaw but that’s not the case.  This card is in pretty damn good shape.  Sure it’s off-center, but if you’re bothered by centering issues, the 1962 Topps set is not one for you.  The left edge is a little nicked up, but unless you pick the card up and feel for it, you’d never know.  I honestly expected this card to set me back a couple of hundred dollars when the time came to pick it up.  At $50 I think I got a steal.

I have a couple more heavy hitters on their way from the ’62 set, hopefully they’ll both get here on Monday.  I even have enough gift cards left to try to go after the Willie Mays card from the set.  By the end of this year I hope to get the base set minus the SP’s completed.  That would leave just under 100 short prints to chase.  The short prints of this set are insane.  Not only are they expensive, they are next to impossible to find.  There are a few cards I’ve been looking for and not seen on eBay, or anywhere else for that matter, since I started putting this set together over a year ago.  I have an updated list of what I have and what I need here. The ones in red are the ones I have.  If you have any to trade and make my list a little more red, let me know.


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