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Baseball Vs. Hockey

The monthly local card show has once more come and gone.  There is only a handful of dealers each month and the flow of new cards to buy is dwindling.  I think they sell more to each other than they do to the public.  I often see cards go from one dealer to the next and then back up for sale the next month.  Today I picked up a handful of vintage, one card for the ’62 set, and a handful of newer wax.  I picked up three packs of Unique for a review, a pack of ’09 Sweet Spot, a couple packs of T206 that I should have left behind, and I tried my hand at a couple packs of UD Black Diamond Hockey cards.  These are the first packs of hockey cards that I have ever purchased.  I thoroughly enjoy hockey, it’s my second favorite sport, but for some reason I’ve never had the urge to buy any cards.  After watching last nights Hawks match against the Blues I was ready to take the dive.  I’m kind of glad I did.  First I’ll show you the highlight of the $20 a pack Sweet Spot.

It’s not a bad pull.  A nice jersey card of an up and coming young pitcher.  This very card can be had on eBay for under $2, some have even gone for less than $1.  It’s rather sad when a $20 pack of cards gets you a $2 game used card and it’s one of the hottest young pitchers in the game.  Now here’s the highlight of the Hockey packs I bought.

This here is a 09/10 UD Black Diamond Quad Horizontal Variation SP of the legendary Bobby Orr.  If I didn’t already know better I would have bet that the Porcello card would have a higher value on the eBay market.  According to the completed auctions of eBay this card has sold for as high as $78.77 and as low as $14.99.  It has no game used swatch or auto, it came out of a $4.50 pack, and it is of a player who has been long since retired.  Compared to the Porcello, the Orr card is a home run.  I’m not sure what my point is here really?  I guess I would like it if baseball cards had similar pulls to this card rather than jamming sets full of meaningless game used cards and autos of triple AAA middle relievers and charging $20 a pack.  I also pulled a triple quad of Patrick Kane which has sold for more than $5.  I think if I had it to do all over again I would have picked up a box of the Black Diamond and left the baseball behind.

Here’s what else I managed to pick up today.


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