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A Couple Of Rare And Well Traveled Cards

One of my long-term collecting goals is to have at least one example from as many different sets I can find.  Last year I was able to get a 1955 Topps Double Header, a 100-year-old T206, and a couple of nice 1938 Churchman’s Boxing cards.   Already this year I’ve been able to add another T206 and a couple of rare well-traveled cards.

First I’ll show off the T206.

It’s a Orval Overall 1909-11 T206 Sweet Caporal back.  It’s a little beat up and has some paper loss, but it’s 100 years old and it didn’t even cost me $10.  I now have a Piedmont and Sweet Caporal backs, I’d like to get at least one of the different backs in the series.  Orval was an instrumental player for the Cub’s in their last two World Series victories.  He went 3-1 in series competition and led the league in strikeouts in 1909.  That really puts this 100 years of losing into perspective when this guy was one of the last Cubs to win the series.  They really need to do something about that.  I also have a note to any would be parents with the last name Overall.  Do your damn kid a favor and don’t name him Orval.

The next card looks like your ordinary run of the mill 1964 Topps card.

OK, really it looks like a beat to hell ordinary run of the mill 1964 Topps card.  When you flip the card over is when you realize this card traveled a long way to get to Northern Illinois.

This is a 1964 Andre Rodgers Venezuelan Topps card.  These were sold across South America due to the popularity of the winter and rookie leagues in the ’60s.  These are next to impossible to find in mint condition.  I thought the kids in the states really did a job on their cards in the ’60s but the South American kids must have just put them through hell.

The next bunch of cards are not that old and I really don’t know just how rare they are, but I’ve only seen pictures of them in books and the interwebs.

These are examples of the 1991 Topps Desert Shield set.  These were distibuted in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield.  I would like to eventually get the Cub’s team set and maybe some day grab the Larry Wayne Jones RC.  I wonder if there was a soldier who had the slightest inkling to trade everything he had for every Chippah he could find.  Currently the cheapest Chipper RC  BIN price on eBay is a BGS 8 going for a cool $379.  What a difference a little gold foil stamp makes.

So there you have it, a card that traveled a couple of thousand miles north, some cards that may have come back in a soldier’s nap sack, and one thats made it through 100 years of history.  Not bad for under $20.

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