I Declare Shenanigans…..

Here’s a link to an interesting little news story about baseball cards.



If your too lazy to follow the link I don’t blame you.  Basically two guys walk into a card shop.  One buys a box of Topps Tribute and pulls a 1 of 1 cut sig of Jackie Robinson.  He tells a friend about it and then he decides to buy a box too.  Guess what?  He pulls a 1 of 1 cut sig of Babe Ruth.  Now, this isn’t your local musty smelling dimly lit card shop that some of us are used to.  These cards were pulled at Nick’s Sportscards in North Dallas.  I actually recognized the shop from a few different stories about their shop.  They seem like they do business the right way and for the right reasons, but I declare shenanigans.

Here are the reasons.  For starters, Tribute only has 16 total cut signatures in the product.  For two of them to come from the same shop within hours is almost too good to be true.  They even state in the video these odds are next to impossible.  We all know, or at least suspect that Beckett has received loaded boxes in the past.  Could it be the case that certain shops are chosen for these “special cases” to be sold at.  I’m not trying to make a Beckett conspiracy out of this, although it is funny that some of them shop there.  What I’m trying to figure out is just how are these sets collated and distributed.  Does Topps know where they send certain cards to.  Could they be doing favors to certain shops while dumping everything else to others?  Does anybody know the answers?

I got a good laugh from Chris Olds’ quote, “”The appeal of these cards is that the card companies have authenticated the signature as legit.”   I’m still trying to figure out what company he’s buying his cards from.


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2 responses to “I Declare Shenanigans…..

  1. JBob

    considering this very topps product is pawning off seats as bat relics and memorabilia. I’ll never buy new cards again there’s enough to collect that’s already been released. And ud is no better with this whole logo stunt it’s all too much to support with my dollars.

  2. The owner of my local shop buys into the conspiracy. He buys his boxes one at a time because it is a small shop and the boxes NEVER yield major hits. The large shops that are buying by the case get HUGE hits and buy more and more… He (shop owner) claims that the boxes are coded and the level of hit can be determined when shipping. I have no idea if any of this is true. Its just a theory.

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