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The Wal-Mart Blacks Are Back

I haven’t seen these posted yet so I thought I’d throw them out there.  I am one of many who swore off blasters for 2010 and I have already broke my oath.  I’m still waiting on my jumbo box, it won’t be here till Monday, so to sooth the itch I broke down and grabbed a quick blaster at the Wal-Marts.  Here’s a few more scans of some of the blacks.

Here’s a little side by side action of David DeJesus.

And a little side by side by side action of the Royals.

My commemorative patch was a nice one of Tris Speaker

This is totally up for trade, preferably for a Cub’s patch.

I pulled a bunch of Yo Mamma! cards including three in one pack. 

The Cepeda is an original back, it is also cut funny.  It’s more of a parallelogram of a parallel.  I really like this little insert set.  I’m going to try and complete it, so if any one has some they don’t want I’d be more than willing to trade for some.  If they carry this set into the 2010 Chrome, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Once again Topps has some collation issues and once again I’m the lucky one who gets to find it.

Some day I want to find a whole pack of SP’s or autographed cards.  It’s bound to happen someday.  Here’s the rest of the blacks.


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