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Some Odds & Ends Stuff To Look At

This post is going to be all over the place.  I have a few things I want to show off so I’m just going to throw it all up at once.  First up is some 2010 issue Phungo cards I received from a trade with deal from Phungo Cards.  We completed this trade about a month ago and I immediately misplaced the Phungo cards in a pile of random cards.  They just so happened to resurface about twenty minutes ago so here they are.

I’m thinking I got a loaded pack.  I have a nice trio of Cubbies including the Harry Caray error card.  I believe I have since seen a corrected version of this card so I hope this might skyrocket in value.  Also included was a nice black bordered Mickey Vernon card.  He also include several additions to my ’62 set and some sweet Cubbies of the vintage assortment.  Thanks deal!

Next up is a very cool and inexpensive lot I picked up from Check Out My Cards.

The first three cards are of the infamous Spaceman Bill Lee.  The first card is from the Fan Favorites set.  It’s a nice on card auto of one of the greatest and strange personalities in the game.  At the age of 64 he is still playing the game he loves including pitching 6-plus innings during the 2008 Midnight Sun game in Alaska.  If Lincecum continues to follow in the footsteps of Bill Lee, maybe he’ll pitch on the senior circuit too.

I think every collector should own at least one Rusty Kuntz card for obvious reasons.

I’ve been searching for some Mark Fidrych cards since I seen him pitch a game against the Yankees on MLB TV.  I thought eventually I’d find a couple in a commons box somewhere but I finally broke down and had to order a couple.  I got his normal 1977  Topps card and his 1977  Topps cloth sticker.  I didn’t have an example of the cloth stickers until now, they’re kind of cool.  Maybe Topps could retire the Turkey Red and include some sort of insert set of these next year.  I’m just saying.

The rest are a few Cub’s I needed.  The Zimmer is getting packaged up as soon as he gets off the scanner for a TTM attempt.  Wish me luck!

I’ll show you the next pile of cards I picked up at the local show last week.  It was Super Bowl Sunday so most of the dealer were pushing football cards like crazy.  I asked a couple of the dealers to go through some of the stuff they didn’t have displayed on the tables and I’m glad I did.  I got the next bunch for a ridiculously good price.  I’ll let you know what that total was after the scans.  Until then keep a running total  in your head of what you think I should have paid for them and compare.

When I was digging through the box and running a total in my head for all these I was around $25.  None were priced by the dealer so I was really just figuring what I would be willing to pay.  I plopped them down on all the football cards he had displayed and asked what the damage was.  His answer, $10.  My answer, hell yeah!  There’s a lot of Hall of Fame goodness in there for half the price of a blaster.

Next up is some shameless eBay plugs.  I want to go after a 1962 Willie Mays so I figured I’d try to sell some stuff I don’t really need and turn it into gold, well at least a wood grain bordered Hall of Famer.

2010 Topps Ken Griffey Jr. Black Border Parallel #51/59

2010 Topps Carl Yastrzemski Hat Logo #59/99

2010 Topps Tris Speaker Commemorative Patch Card

1961 Fleer Eddie Joost Graded BVG 8

2009 Topps Barack Obama Hawaii Basketball SP #44B

If a patron of my humble little blog wins any of these I’ll be more than happy to toss in a few extras to make it worth your while.  Just make sure you let me know if you do win one.

And finally, I am the administrator of a new blog.  My daughter decided she wanted in on the fun of blogging so I set up a site for her to show off her artwork.  It’s also an excuse for me to be able to throw some of her stuff away when she’s done with it.  It’s amazing how fast this stuff piles up!  So far she only has one picture up and it’s of a princess tea party.  She does however, from time to time create some nice baseball themed artwork.  I’m sure when spring training starts she rattle off a few nice pieces of work.  For now, if you want to check out a sweet tea party and make a 5 yr old girl smile you can visit her blog Addison’s Crayon Box and get her visitor count up a little.

I told you it was going to be all over the place.

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