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Everybody loves a contest right!  I sent off a couple of cards to Donkey Kong record holder Steve Wiebe last week for a TTM attempt.  It really wasn’t an attempt because I had contacted him and he agreed to sign them for me, so it was more like a for sure thing.  Anyways I had him sign 2 cards, 1 for me and 1 for one of you.  I’ll even throw in a team bag full of cards from your favorite team.

All you have to do to enter is leave your name and favorite video game in the comments.  If you have more than one favorite, make a list.  If you’re too old to have a favorite, pick a board game.  If you don’t want to do that, then you’re lazy, and just leave your name.  I’ll also put in bonus submissions for anyone who adds me as a friend on the Xbox ( gritz76) or the PS3 (-gritz76-).  Send me a request and I’ll add you and put your name in the hat.  I’ll put the list of names into random.org and who ever gets randomized to the top wins.  Simple.  I’ll leave this open until midnight on Sunday and when you wake up Monday I will have announced a winner.  Feel free to spread the word.

To get you guys started here’s my top ten.

10) NES Golf

9)   Tony Hawks Pro Skater

8)    Castlevania

7)    Life Force

6)    RBI Baseball

5)    NHL ’96

4)    Modern Warfare 2

3)    Tetris

2)    Goonies 2

1)    Contra


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Topps Millions, I Kicked Ass

Really, I did.  Out of 12 cards I pulled 2 HoFer’s, 1 who should be, 1 who will be, 2 Cubs, 1 guy with the same name as my son, and a nice vintage Dodger.  Wanna see?

See, I wasn’t bullshitting.  I also snagged a ’87 Yount, ’87 Rose, and a ’03 Maddux.  The rest sucked, but overall I think I kicked ass. I’ll even forgive them for not telling me FireFox doesn’t work for their site.


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