Topps Millions, I Kicked Ass

Really, I did.  Out of 12 cards I pulled 2 HoFer’s, 1 who should be, 1 who will be, 2 Cubs, 1 guy with the same name as my son, and a nice vintage Dodger.  Wanna see?

See, I wasn’t bullshitting.  I also snagged a ’87 Yount, ’87 Rose, and a ’03 Maddux.  The rest sucked, but overall I think I kicked ass. I’ll even forgive them for not telling me FireFox doesn’t work for their site.


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2 responses to “Topps Millions, I Kicked Ass

  1. Wow. I agree you did kick butt. Very nice.

  2. Wow. That’s a great haul. Good work!

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