Contest Prize Update And A Nice Trade

I have just received my end of an overly generous trade with blogosphere new comer Cameron from Reds and more… I know I vowed to conform to Commissioner Thorzul’s rules and show only one card per trade post but I felt one card would not do this trade justice.  His trade came in a box and I just couldn’t pick one card out and leave all the rest behind.  I figured I would at least try to narrow it down to one scan.  There’s a lot of goodness crammed into that one scan.

I got an in person auto of one time can’t miss Cub’s prospect Ty Griffin.  If you want to make sure your career doesn’t get past it’s infancy, just let Topps make a #1 prospect card of you with a Cubs logo on it.  You’ll be guaranteed to fade away into oblivion.  I have a Jerome Walton, Felix Pie, and a Ty Griffin auto, now I just need to chase a Brooks Kieschnick and a Corey Patterson autograph and I’ll have a complete set of the Cub’s failed top prospect class.   Even though they never amounted to much, they all hold a special place in Cub’s history and in my collection.

You gotta love the Santo cards, at least I do.  The Flair Greats card has to have the best worst profile photo of a 70’s stylin powder blue jersey, curly haired Santo.

He also threw in a few game used cards including a nice Zambrano swatch.  Word on the turd is he’s shown up early to camp 15 pounds lighter and hell-bent on having a career year.  We’ll see.  Also included was a game used bat card of Daryl Ward.  He is possibly one of the best pinch hitters ever, so it’s only appropriate his card includes part of his bat.  The next game used card is of Tom Gorzelanny.  He is pictured here with the Cub’s minor league affiliate the Pittsburg Pirates.  He is a very solid pitcher and I hope to see good things out of him this year.

That brings us to the meat of the trade in the Maris card.  It’s one of the 2010 Topps variations.  I don’t think I’m going to chase these but if someone has one to get rid of, I’d be willing to take it.  Some view these as a gimmick but I think this is a perfect way to do short prints.  You don’t need to waste time chasing them for the set, but if you want, it will give you a bit of a challenge.  It’s also nice to pull one of these out of a box on top of your guaranteed hits.  Some say gimmick, I say kudos.

On another note, I forgot I had an additional prize to give away in the contest.  So here it is, as if an autographed card and a pile of cards wasn’t enough……..

One pack of 28 year old Donkey Kong cards.  If you haven’t entered you better do so now.  You can either scroll down or click here. Good Luck to all who enter and a big thanks goes out to Cameron.

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  1. Thanks for the post Chris, and the great cards. Vintage Reds cards are something I don’t have a lot of. I picked up a little something at the card shop today for our next trade. I’ll have to keep it a secret for now. BTW, I created post of your cards on my site. Thanks again.

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