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The Single Most Greatest Card Set Ever Produced? I Say Yes!!

Lately I have decided to add some oddball unopened wax packs to my collection.  When I decided to do this I had no idea of some of the wackiness Topps, Fleer, Donruss, and others had produced.   I recently lost my collective mind and decided to pick up a few packs of this stuff.  Not only have I purchased a pack to remain sealed from here to eternity, but I have also picked up a pack of each to bust right here and share with all of you the craziness that once was this hobby.

With out further ado, I now present you with the single most greatest card set ever produced.  The 1982-83 Topps Perlorian Cats Sticker Set.

I’m not real sure what to say about these, I think I’ll let the stickers talk for them selves.  I’ll start with the most kick ass and work my way down.

‘What do you wanna do with your life?”

“I Wanna ROCK!!”

Here’s just a small glimpse into the seedy underground of Perlozia.  You don’t want to meet this kind of riff raff down a dark alley late at night.

This next one may not be safe for the place of employment.  Then again it may just be completely innocent.  Still not sure.

Now you’re all guilty of looking at kittyporn.  Sorry, I had to throw that one in there.  I wonder how many hits I’ll get now from people googling kittyporn?  I really hope for none but I’m sure I’ll get a few.

The next card reminds us that when traveling in Perlozia, always remember that the trolley drivers are known to eat fat man purse carrying tourists.

Two more things, cats apparently make horrible spellers and for Christ’s sake, do not, ever, never, on any occasion, under any circumstances, eat the hot dog sticks!!!!!!!!!!

This last one is just a cry for help.

Here’s a link to a complete checklist over at Jeff Allender’s House of Checklists.  It doesn’t really help for this set but it is a site that has a ton of non-sports card checklists if you’re into that sort of thing.  I also found this photo from the same artist, or guy who likes to take creepy pictures of cats dressed like people doing everyday mundane things.

Somebody out there with some photo-shop skills needs to make this into a flashback sticker card for me.  If they can do it with the Garbage Pail Kids, we can do it with the Perlorian Cats Stickers.

Here’s a preview of what’s yet to come………


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Are These Awards Even Real?

After researching for my previous post I’ve come across a few interesting tidbits of info.  First off is the UD Awards Twitter page now goes by BustinYOchops and the latest tweet reads like this.

Huh?  Yeah I don’t quite get it either.  After this I did some more digging and found this little gem of a blog, The Hobby Insider.  This guy seems more than willing to share some of the seedier insider knowledge.  Most of it stems from Upper Deck and Beckett, so naturally I’m now a fan.  If anyone comes up with more info on this little fiasco, please share.

Oh yeah, Canseco just posted that he got subpoenaed for cases against Clemens, Pettite, and others on April 8th.

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Really, Upper Deck, Really?

It seems all the buzz around the hobby lately has been about the new Upper Deck Awards.  Now I will admit, it’s nice to have our contributions recognized and honored, but when Upper Deck uses it as some sort of stealth publicity tool, I want nothing to do with it.  Not that I have a shot at winning anything anyways.

For starters, this sort of thing has already been done by us for us.  Granted there were no fancy prizes or trophies, but the awards were genuine and deserved.  So far the first nomination for the Blog of the year is from Ethan Cahn and he nominates Tuff Stuff’s blogger Scott Fragile.  Anybody read that one?  Yeah me neither.  Later down the thread Gellmen pulls through and rattles off the ones we know and love.  After that Mr. Cahn returns to take a dig at Gellman for something.  The post doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but from what I can tell, I don’t like Ethan Cahn.  I see this turning more into the industry giants against the little independent bloggers than an awards ceremony.  I wonder who’s going to win that one?

I understand the love and loyalty to Upper Deck from the collectors.  They were great at producing high quality cards at one time.  What I don’t understand is the lack of outrage for what they have done through out their history.  THEY COUNTERFEITED THEIR OWN CARDS!  Would we trust the US Mint if they were caught doing this?  What if Topps was caught counterfeiting ’52 Mantles and dumping them out the backdoor?  Even Gellmen is a bit confusing to me on this.  He calls out fakes on eBay with incredible vigilance, something I think we all appreciate, but then he turns around and contributes to Upper Deck’s blog.  He might as well be writing the text for the fraudulent auctions.

I guess the short and curleys of it is this.  Upper Deck is looking for the best trading card blogger who serves as an informative advocate for the hobby.  If someone considers themselves an informative advocate for the hobby, why in the hell would they want to accept an award from a company who makes backdoor deals, counterfeits their own cards, and totally disregards the rules and laws of card manufacturing, all of which hurts and damages the hobby?  It’s like winning the Toyota award for engineering.  If someone would want to nominate this blog, if for nothing else than having Upper Deck review this post, feel free.  Upper Deck, if you do end up reading this I would love to hear your take on all things said above.


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I’m A Twat

Yep, I’m a twat.  No, not like what Thorzul is.  What I mean to say is  I’m officially on Twitter.  I haven’t quite found out what exactly to do with it yet, but I’m on there.    So far I’ve been following the Topps guy, Ozzie Guillen, and Jose Canseco.  Can anybody really understand what the hell Ozzie is trying to type?  I just added a bunch of fellow bloggers and look forward to what they have to say.  So far Steve has the urge to play a mandolin.  You won’t find that kind of insight on White Sox Cards, but you’ll find it on Twitter!  I doubt I’ll have much to say about anything, but I’m going to make sure I have plenty to say about nothing.  I still have to figure out how to work it from my phone but as soon as, I do it’ll be on!  Follow me if you want, use my project1962 email account to look me up or I’m on there as Project1962.

I can’t post something without a scan of something so here is a fine look at C-3PPOh my!

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Aww Yeahh!


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I Need Help Figuring Out Who These Autographs Are From

I need your help.  I bumped into a couple at the local show today who had a nice stack of old autos.  They were looking to maybe sell them and for some help on figuring out who some of them were.  I managed to help out more than I thought I would have been able to.  I now have all of these figured out except for the one or ones in Japanese.  They are all from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s Cubs and White Sox teams.  Leave your best guesses in the comments.  I’ll give a small prize to whoever can figure out the Japanese ones.  If your interested in buying these let me know and I’ll put you in touch with them.  I’ll post a full list in a couple of days of who they all are.

Thanks in advance, because I know you all will not disappoint!


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I’m Back On Track

It’s been a while since I’ve been heard from, but I’m still here.  It seems that my computer has been hanging around with a sketchy crowd and picked up a pile of viruses.  One of which sent out some type of porn spam to everyone on my old yahoo mail account.  I know a few of you received that one and I am both sorry that it was sent your way and thankful for you guys letting me know what was going on.  I just wish I would have gotten it figured out before my Grandma received it.  Right after that fiasco I picked up another virus that prevented my virus scan software to work.  So most of my time at the computer lately has been spent trying to pretend I knew what the hell I was doing.  It seems that everything is in some type of working order so it’s time to show off some cardboard that I’ve picked up recently.

The first bunch comes from Chris of Budget Baseball Cardboarding fame.  This trade has been in the works for quite sometime now.  So long in fact that I forgot all about it.  I sent him a stack a while back and told him to get me back when he finds something to send.  All I can say is he pulled through.  He sent a nice stack of Cubbies and a few other random cards that were all appreciated.   Here are the two most appreciated of the bunch.

The next batch comes fresh from the local show that was today.  We’ll start off with the biggie.

It’s off centered, a little beat up, and absolutely iconic!  It’s also one of the few second year cards that book for more than the rookie card.  I picked this up with a pile of old beat up cards for $40.  Here’s what I mean by beat up.

They all aren’t as beat as these, but I would say most are pretty close.  The funny thing is, I just pulled them off the scanner very carefully, as if I could damage these any more.

I also picked up some more set needs for the ol’ ’62 set.

Here’s some more random vintage goodness.

I also donated $10 to the Help Rebuild Troll’s Collection Organization.  A few of those are scanned above, but you’ll have to wait till he gets them and shows them off himself.  If your reading this Troll, I still need your address!

I also ran into a couple who had inherited a bunch of autographs from the 1950’s of Cubs and White Sox.  They were looking to maybe sell them and to find out who some of them were.  I was able to help out with a couple they needed but they still had a couple that were up in the air.  They said they would send along a scan of all of them so I could see if any one had any idea who they might be.  One that stuck out like a sore thumb was one signed in what appeared to be Japanese.  They actually had two of them.  If there are any super slueths out there who may have an idea of who this could be, any and all help is appreciated.  Hopefully I’l get the scans later and I’ll post ’em as soon as I get them.

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