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I Need Help Figuring Out Who These Autographs Are From

I need your help.  I bumped into a couple at the local show today who had a nice stack of old autos.  They were looking to maybe sell them and for some help on figuring out who some of them were.  I managed to help out more than I thought I would have been able to.  I now have all of these figured out except for the one or ones in Japanese.  They are all from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s Cubs and White Sox teams.  Leave your best guesses in the comments.  I’ll give a small prize to whoever can figure out the Japanese ones.  If your interested in buying these let me know and I’ll put you in touch with them.  I’ll post a full list in a couple of days of who they all are.

Thanks in advance, because I know you all will not disappoint!


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I’m Back On Track

It’s been a while since I’ve been heard from, but I’m still here.  It seems that my computer has been hanging around with a sketchy crowd and picked up a pile of viruses.  One of which sent out some type of porn spam to everyone on my old yahoo mail account.  I know a few of you received that one and I am both sorry that it was sent your way and thankful for you guys letting me know what was going on.  I just wish I would have gotten it figured out before my Grandma received it.  Right after that fiasco I picked up another virus that prevented my virus scan software to work.  So most of my time at the computer lately has been spent trying to pretend I knew what the hell I was doing.  It seems that everything is in some type of working order so it’s time to show off some cardboard that I’ve picked up recently.

The first bunch comes from Chris of Budget Baseball Cardboarding fame.  This trade has been in the works for quite sometime now.  So long in fact that I forgot all about it.  I sent him a stack a while back and told him to get me back when he finds something to send.  All I can say is he pulled through.  He sent a nice stack of Cubbies and a few other random cards that were all appreciated.   Here are the two most appreciated of the bunch.

The next batch comes fresh from the local show that was today.  We’ll start off with the biggie.

It’s off centered, a little beat up, and absolutely iconic!  It’s also one of the few second year cards that book for more than the rookie card.  I picked this up with a pile of old beat up cards for $40.  Here’s what I mean by beat up.

They all aren’t as beat as these, but I would say most are pretty close.  The funny thing is, I just pulled them off the scanner very carefully, as if I could damage these any more.

I also picked up some more set needs for the ol’ ’62 set.

Here’s some more random vintage goodness.

I also donated $10 to the Help Rebuild Troll’s Collection Organization.  A few of those are scanned above, but you’ll have to wait till he gets them and shows them off himself.  If your reading this Troll, I still need your address!

I also ran into a couple who had inherited a bunch of autographs from the 1950’s of Cubs and White Sox.  They were looking to maybe sell them and to find out who some of them were.  I was able to help out with a couple they needed but they still had a couple that were up in the air.  They said they would send along a scan of all of them so I could see if any one had any idea who they might be.  One that stuck out like a sore thumb was one signed in what appeared to be Japanese.  They actually had two of them.  If there are any super slueths out there who may have an idea of who this could be, any and all help is appreciated.  Hopefully I’l get the scans later and I’ll post ’em as soon as I get them.

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