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Are These Awards Even Real?

After researching for my previous post I’ve come across a few interesting tidbits of info.  First off is the UD Awards Twitter page now goes by BustinYOchops and the latest tweet reads like this.

Huh?  Yeah I don’t quite get it either.  After this I did some more digging and found this little gem of a blog, The Hobby Insider.  This guy seems more than willing to share some of the seedier insider knowledge.  Most of it stems from Upper Deck and Beckett, so naturally I’m now a fan.  If anyone comes up with more info on this little fiasco, please share.

Oh yeah, Canseco just posted that he got subpoenaed for cases against Clemens, Pettite, and others on April 8th.

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Really, Upper Deck, Really?

It seems all the buzz around the hobby lately has been about the new Upper Deck Awards.  Now I will admit, it’s nice to have our contributions recognized and honored, but when Upper Deck uses it as some sort of stealth publicity tool, I want nothing to do with it.  Not that I have a shot at winning anything anyways.

For starters, this sort of thing has already been done by us for us.  Granted there were no fancy prizes or trophies, but the awards were genuine and deserved.  So far the first nomination for the Blog of the year is from Ethan Cahn and he nominates Tuff Stuff’s blogger Scott Fragile.  Anybody read that one?  Yeah me neither.  Later down the thread Gellmen pulls through and rattles off the ones we know and love.  After that Mr. Cahn returns to take a dig at Gellman for something.  The post doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but from what I can tell, I don’t like Ethan Cahn.  I see this turning more into the industry giants against the little independent bloggers than an awards ceremony.  I wonder who’s going to win that one?

I understand the love and loyalty to Upper Deck from the collectors.  They were great at producing high quality cards at one time.  What I don’t understand is the lack of outrage for what they have done through out their history.  THEY COUNTERFEITED THEIR OWN CARDS!  Would we trust the US Mint if they were caught doing this?  What if Topps was caught counterfeiting ’52 Mantles and dumping them out the backdoor?  Even Gellmen is a bit confusing to me on this.  He calls out fakes on eBay with incredible vigilance, something I think we all appreciate, but then he turns around and contributes to Upper Deck’s blog.  He might as well be writing the text for the fraudulent auctions.

I guess the short and curleys of it is this.  Upper Deck is looking for the best trading card blogger who serves as an informative advocate for the hobby.  If someone considers themselves an informative advocate for the hobby, why in the hell would they want to accept an award from a company who makes backdoor deals, counterfeits their own cards, and totally disregards the rules and laws of card manufacturing, all of which hurts and damages the hobby?  It’s like winning the Toyota award for engineering.  If someone would want to nominate this blog, if for nothing else than having Upper Deck review this post, feel free.  Upper Deck, if you do end up reading this I would love to hear your take on all things said above.


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