Are These Awards Even Real?

After researching for my previous post I’ve come across a few interesting tidbits of info.  First off is the UD Awards Twitter page now goes by BustinYOchops and the latest tweet reads like this.

Huh?  Yeah I don’t quite get it either.  After this I did some more digging and found this little gem of a blog, The Hobby Insider.  This guy seems more than willing to share some of the seedier insider knowledge.  Most of it stems from Upper Deck and Beckett, so naturally I’m now a fan.  If anyone comes up with more info on this little fiasco, please share.

Oh yeah, Canseco just posted that he got subpoenaed for cases against Clemens, Pettite, and others on April 8th.

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  1. Admit . . . I fell for it!

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