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The Single Most Greatest Card Set Ever Produced? I Say Yes!!

Lately I have decided to add some oddball unopened wax packs to my collection.  When I decided to do this I had no idea of some of the wackiness Topps, Fleer, Donruss, and others had produced.   I recently lost my collective mind and decided to pick up a few packs of this stuff.  Not only have I purchased a pack to remain sealed from here to eternity, but I have also picked up a pack of each to bust right here and share with all of you the craziness that once was this hobby.

With out further ado, I now present you with the single most greatest card set ever produced.  The 1982-83 Topps Perlorian Cats Sticker Set.

I’m not real sure what to say about these, I think I’ll let the stickers talk for them selves.  I’ll start with the most kick ass and work my way down.

‘What do you wanna do with your life?”

“I Wanna ROCK!!”

Here’s just a small glimpse into the seedy underground of Perlozia.  You don’t want to meet this kind of riff raff down a dark alley late at night.

This next one may not be safe for the place of employment.  Then again it may just be completely innocent.  Still not sure.

Now you’re all guilty of looking at kittyporn.  Sorry, I had to throw that one in there.  I wonder how many hits I’ll get now from people googling kittyporn?  I really hope for none but I’m sure I’ll get a few.

The next card reminds us that when traveling in Perlozia, always remember that the trolley drivers are known to eat fat man purse carrying tourists.

Two more things, cats apparently make horrible spellers and for Christ’s sake, do not, ever, never, on any occasion, under any circumstances, eat the hot dog sticks!!!!!!!!!!

This last one is just a cry for help.

Here’s a link to a complete checklist over at Jeff Allender’s House of Checklists.  It doesn’t really help for this set but it is a site that has a ton of non-sports card checklists if you’re into that sort of thing.  I also found this photo from the same artist, or guy who likes to take creepy pictures of cats dressed like people doing everyday mundane things.

Somebody out there with some photo-shop skills needs to make this into a flashback sticker card for me.  If they can do it with the Garbage Pail Kids, we can do it with the Perlorian Cats Stickers.

Here’s a preview of what’s yet to come………


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