2010 Predictions, And Not The Same Old Boring Ones

Some one will throw a 21 strike out game.

Heyward will win the N.L. ROY

Joe Mauer will add another batting title and another MVP to his trophy case.

The most home runs hit by one player will be 42.

Managers and broadcasters will pay way too much attention to pitch counts.

Strasburg will make it to the bigs just to be sent right back down to the minors until next year.

The Yankees will not make the playoffs.  I’m not sure how, but they won’t.

The Pirates will be in contention for the N.L. Wild Card.

A current Hall of Famer will be investigated for steroid use.

Less than 4 pitchers will reach 20 wins.

Ichiro will have more than 50 infield hits.

Jim Edmonds will have a monster season.

Lou Pinella will get fired and he will be replaced by Ryne Sandberg.

Mark McGwire will resign after Pujols bats a solid .238 for the first two months.

We will hear more from Jose Canseco than we’d care to.

I will win the Card Collector’s Fantasy League.  No doubt about that one.

Derrick Lee will win the N.L. MVP.

Alfonso Soriano will lead the Cubs in errors, strikeouts, and salary.

Boston will love Mike Cameron.

Carl Crawford will have a 30/30 season.

Chicago will see a championship!  Go Blackhawks!  You didn’t think I was talking about the Cubs did you?

The Orioles will win 76 games this year.

The White Sox and the Cardinals will suck and the Brewers will be worse.   Duh!!

2010 World Series:  Twins vs. Cubs

Check back in November to see how I did.  If anybody can guess how many will come true I will gladly cough up an auto of a bonified Hall of Famer of my choice.


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2 responses to “2010 Predictions, And Not The Same Old Boring Ones

  1. I’ll say five will come true,though some of these will be hard to prove.

    Now you have to revisit this at the end of the season. It’s a contest!

  2. It looks like you will come the closest!

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