2010 SlangKo Trophy Winners: Cubs Edition

Not too long ago, OK, it’s been a while but I had made a nice trio of trades.  I received one a day earlier than the other two, that one was from Sean at SlangKo  Headquarters.  From what I can tell, Sean is an incredibly talented graphic designer.  I know Michael Jack Schmidt about graphic design but I know when something looks good.  These cards look good!  First here are the four cards of guys who should have their heads carved in the side of a mountain and have it called Mt. Cubsmore.

I told you they looked good.  I think we should gather together and start our own card company.  I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll repeat it down the line sometime soon, but there are better looking cards and better ideas coming out of what we do everyday than there has been out of the card companies over the last 20 years.  All we have to do is show up at the Upper Deck fire sale later this year and pick up some cheap equipment and supplies.  Hell, if we called the Carlsbad unemployment office I bet they could find us a couple of guys with some experience.  Upper Deck taught us we don’t really need a license.  I think now is the time to make our move!

Sean included one more card in the set and I’d have to say it is now one of my favorite cards I own.

I’m betting Sean would hate to know that he spelled Harry’s name wrong, so I just won’t tell him.  I only point it out because I find it incredibly ironic that Harry spent his whole life trying to pronounce names backwards that he couldn’t pronounce frontwards, and I now own two, count ’em TWO, Harry Caray custom cards with his name misspelled.  I also have a Phungo card with his name a bit off.  It makes me like them just that much more!  And the back of this card has to have the best picture of ol’ Harry in his prime.

The other two trades ended up in a sort of fiasco.  One was with Night Owl and the other was Larry from Emerald City Diamond Gems.  Both were great trades, a nice stack of all sorts of Cubs, including some nice vintage from both.  I left them in two separate piles on the computer desk.  I knew that Larry’s had a couple of near complete team sets from the ’70’s and Night Owls was the one with the sweet ’50s card.  That’s when the cat knocked them on the floor creating one mess of Cubs.  Then my daughter was a dear and picked them up making one tall tower of Cubs.  Then I later put that tower in my Cub’s box, not realizing they were formally two piles I had sorted for various reasons.  One was to scan and show off.  Unfortunately I have no real clue what was involved in the trade and what was in my box.   Hopefully I did with words what the scans would have shown.   Thanks goes out to all three, go read their blogs and send them cards. Do it now!

Other than trading it has been a good week here in the middle of nowhere.  Monday, I had too good of a time at the Cub’s home opener.  So did my wife.  It was awesome.  I tried the Buffalo Bison Hot Dog.  If you don’t know, the Ricketts family owns a bison farm.  I didn’t until last week, but I guess they are supplying bison meat for burgers and hot dogs at Wrigley.  The hot dog is a footlong bison dog with buffalo sauce and blue cheeseslaw on top.  Yep, bleu cheeseslaw.  It’s cole slaw made with bleu cheese dressing and it is goooood!   It was by far the best $7 I spent all day.  I would have had more but we were in the upper deck box all the way down the right field line and the dogs are sold near the Waveland entrance.  It’s like a five or six-mile hike.  That and my wife didn’t want to get me another one.  It was a great day and the Cubs kicked some Brewer butt!  Tomorrow I plan on taking the kids to see the Beloit Snappers.  They are the single A Twins affiliate, they are taking on the Mariners farm team, the Clinton Lumber Kings.  The last time I seen either  of these teams they were the Giants and the Brewers.  Hopefully if it’s warm enough and the kids don’t drive me crazy before game time I’ll get in two games in one week.  Wish me luck!

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