If I Ran Topps, I Would Work On Making This Reality

I was laying in bed last night when I had what I would consider a revolutionary idea for the trading card landscape.  Follow me if you can.  What if there was a way for Topps to set up a web site where you could create a custom card and have it printed off and sent to you.  I know they have something real similar for you to make custom cards of family members, pets, and what the hell ever else you want to put on there, but as far as I know you are forbidden to use any sort of copyrighted team names or photos of real players.  What I’m looking for is a process where you pick the player you want.  You then get to choose from several photos of that player.  Then slap that baby on a stock card design from the Topps vault or be able to create a custom design.  After you pick out what your card will look like you could then take it a step further.  They could then have the option of having your card autographed.  They send cards out all the time for autos.  All they would have to do is set it up with the players they have under contract to sign on or after a certain date, and as long as you meet the deadline with creating your card, you could pay the fee to have it hard signed.  I would also like to see a relic option.  Who wouldn’t love to be able to pick out the color of the swatch or a specific patch of your favorite player and put it in a card you designed.  I think this would be an awesome alternative to all the junk hits we complain about on a daily basis.  If they had this option they could cross promote it with their flagship release.  Take out all the extra autos and relics from that release and dramatically reduce the price of the wax.  Then offer a free or discounted custom card per box or insert them randomly into packs.  This way we would pay less for wax and be guaranteed a killer hit of our favorite players.  Topps would be saving some cash too because we would be directly paying them for the autos and memorabilia instead of giving the money to a casebreaker on eBay.  It’s a win win!  I’m sure there are all kinds of hurdles with the licensing agreement and player contracts but Topps is the only dog in the house right now and we can all agree the trading card industry could use a good kick in the pants right now.  If they could figure out a way that everyone makes money on the deal and can still give the collector a quality product in the end, it would be a home run.  Like I said it’s a win win.

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One response to “If I Ran Topps, I Would Work On Making This Reality

  1. John Bateman

    I like this idea (though you seem to take it a lot farther and more complicated than I would).

    Growing up I always wanted to make my own Topps Football sets (in the 1980s they only contained 396 cards- I wanted to select the players per team that would be on the cards.)

    I would offer individual cards or possibility of making your own sets. I think initially it would cost a lot but I love the idea of selecting a group of photos and a group of designs. I think the auto’s etc… would be pushing it.

    This is a great idea. – In reality this may be the next step in collecting.

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