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Who Wants More Pie?

Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re back.  I’m not sure what I think of them really?  I’m not even sure I care at all.  I could see how these things would drive someone crazy who was after every single card in the set, but for most I imagine they aren’t really considered a necessity.  What I do like is that they are an added bonus.  Everybody’s guaranteed the same amount of hits but these are an extra surprise waiting to be discovered.  It also brings us back to having plain old cardboard cards worth more than anything with a piece of whatever squished in between it or something shiny and signed.  I imagine if Heyward keeps doing what he is doing, and I have confidence that he will, this pie variation may well be the one rookie card of his people chase the most.   So far the Heyward card has a BIN of $339.99 and a starting bid of just $259.99.  I would definitely wait and see just how rare these cards are before considering coughing up that kind of cheese for one of these.  Hell, I’d never cough up that kind of cheese for anything made after 1960, but that’s just me.  Here are the rest of the pie faces I could find on thEbay.

Ike Davis  BIN…$179.99

David Price    BIN…$189.99

Nelson Cruz   BIN…$199.99

Mitch Talbot  BIN…$99.99

At least they’re not all Yankees!

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