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Highlights From My $75 Card Show Score

My local baseball card show is slowly starting to become the local football card show.  I’m not sure if I have cleaned out the four or so regular dealers of all their baseball or if no one else is buying baseball and they are just putting the football out to appease the masses.  Either way I had two dealers hint at wanting to unload the rest of their baseball.  I decided to help one of them out.  He didn’t have much and I knew he would cut me a fair deal.  He had one box of stray beat up vintage left so I made him an offer.  I looked the box over and there wasn’t really much that I collected, but I saw an opportunity to maybe turn some of this stuff into gold through trades and theBay.  So what follows is for the most part up for trade or sale.  If you want to make a trade just hit me up with something as equally beat up and old and you will probably have your self a deal.  First up I’ll show you what I got that is staying in the collection.  Or at least you’ll have to come strong with something if you want them.

Here’s what’s up for trade.  There will be more after the break, trust me!

There was also crazy stuff like this in the box.

Yep!  That’s 25 Jack Morris RC’s.  If you’ve ever needed one this will probably be the easiest trade you could ever make.  The shit of it is I already had 2 of these.  I also have 30 1980 Eddie Murray’s.  I’m not taking the time to spread them out pretty on the scanner so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Here’s the full break down of the box.  Any doubles are up for trade, let me know.  I’ll start with the Eddie Murrays.

1 Eddie Murray RC

2 1979 Topps

30 1980 Topps

3 ’81 Donruss

1 ’81 Fleer

1 ’82 Topps

4 ’83 Topps

1 ’84 Fleer

1 ’85 Fleer

Up next, Joe Morgan

2  ’68 All Stars

1  ’69 Topps

1  ’70 Topps

18 1971 Topps

8  ’72  Topps

3  ’73 Topps

1  ’74 Topps

4  ’75 Topps plus 1 mini

3  ’76 Topps

1  ’77 Topps

6  ’79 Topps

1  ’80 Topps

1  ’81 Fleer

From there we’ll go to Thurman Munson.

1  ’70 Topps RC

2  ’71 Topps

1  ’72 Topps

1  ’72 Topps In Action

1  ’73 Topps

1  ’75 Topps

3  ’79 Topps

There was a stack of about 30 Dale Murphy cards.  About 9 of them were 1980 Topps.  Here’s four of the better ones.

The Nolan Ryan totals go like this.

1  ’71 Topps

1 ’73 Topps

6  ’78 Topps

And whole lot of late ’80s stuff including almost 6 near complete UD heroes sets.

There was also a  whole mess of George “I shit my pants last night” Brett.  Instead of tallying up his cards I’ll let you feast on this.

Still with me?  The rest breaks down like this.

2  1970 Topps Bobby Bonds

7  1971 Topps Bonds

4  1973 Topps Bonds

3  1962 Warren Spahn AS

1  1962 Don Drysdale AS

And a pile of late ’80’s stars and a few other stragglers in there.  I think I did good for $75, the thing is I don’t really collect many of these players, but for $75 I’ll take it.


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