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How’s A Man Supposed To Walk Passed Porn Stars To Look At Baseball Cards?

Today I had the pleasure of attending the first real card show I have gone to since the ’80’s.  Sure, my little po-dunk town has the monthly card show extravaganza, but this one was the big time.  It was the Chicago Sun Times show in Rosemont IL.  Some of the cool stuff I saw today included Bob Feller, Hulk Hogan, the Strasburg red Bowman auto, several Babe Ruth autographs, boxes on top of boxes of vintage greatness, a couple of Negro League Veterans, a Rockford Peach, Al Kaline, Mr. Mint at an empty table with no one visiting him all day, and porn stars!  Yep, porn stars.  Now maybe I’m old fashion, but if I’m running a convention center, I’d probably try to talk either the porn expo or the card show to book for a different weekend.  Not this convention center, in fact you had to walk right by the porn stars to get to the card show and on the way out, the escalator was directly in line with the large glass wall that separated the porn from the public.  It was a bit of a surreal sight to see fathers and sons walking in the same lobby as chicks with 8 inch heels wearing what I guess you would call dental floss for the ass?  There was also a doll auction going on, so all kinds of spoiled rich little brats were in the mix.  It was interesting to say the least!

The good news is I spent $100 on nothing but some sweet 1962 Topps!  It’s been a long while since I’ve picked anything up so I took advantage.  If I had the money I could have easily finished the set off, but where would the fun be in that?  I’ve decided to get back to the basics here at the Project so here is my first card to show.

Card #588 Birdie Tebbetts, Yep it’s one of the pain in the ass hi-numbers!

Is it just me or does it look like Birdie is signaling to a waitress for a beer?  Either that or he’s asking the guy if it’s really a good idea to mix porn with baseball cards.  Tebbetts started his career in baseball as a catcher for the Detroit Tigers and later played for the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians.  He than went on to manage the Cincinnati Reds and the Milwaukee Braves.  He was voted the Time Magazine Manager of the Year in 1956 for taking the Redlegs all the way to third place by going 91-63.  He resigned after a heart attack and went on to be a pro scout for the next 28 years.  As a scout he provided reports such as this, “Major league stuff and a great arm. Screwy in the head. Eliminate head and I recommend him. Get good surgeon.”  Simply brilliant!

Hopefully I’ll get to posting a few more cards this week and share a few of the more interesting stories about today’s adventures.


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