A Man, His Baby, And A Foreign Tobacco Card?

Every once in a while I find little treasures like this at work.  I work in a warehouse that receives almost all of it’s inventory from Taiwan, China, and of course Mexico.  Sometimes when breaking down a pallet I find little mementos left by some foreign  dock worker.  Usually they toss their candy wrappers, empty packs of gum, cigarette butts, and sometimes they leave the occasional empty pack with a guy smoking while holding a young infant.  I’m not sure if this particular brand is targeting young fathers who want to seem hip to their young ones, but it sure makes me want to grab a baby and start smoking!

Tonight I came across something a little more intriguing than usual.

It appears to be some sort of Taiwanese Allen & Ginter Flags Of The World knockoff.

If I could read Taiwanese or even possibly Chinese I would know exactly what the hell this is, but I can’t so I have no idea what I have here.  On the back it appears it may have some sort of instructions on how to collect these and maybe turn them in for some sort of prize?  Again, I have no idea.  If anybody could explain why the flag of Sweden is on a card with a bunch of non-Swedish writing on it, I would be most appreciative!  I highly doubt anyone will step forward to accept this challenge, so until someone does I am going to go ahead and call this a Taiwanese Flags of The World Tobacco Trading Card.  Does anybody have a better guess?


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6 responses to “A Man, His Baby, And A Foreign Tobacco Card?

  1. Without getting complicated… it’s Chinese language, I can tell you that much. I can’t read the language, however.

  2. Well it’s a step closer to answering the mystery!

  3. My knowledge of Chinese is rudimentary, at best, but I am able to translate the title:

    Arren and Ginter: Frags of the Worrd.

    (That was bad. I’ll be the first to admit.)

  4. gritz76

    Mystery solved!

  5. The dude smoking holding the baby is awesome.

  6. ned

    the cigarette pack is from thailand

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