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And Now For Something Different: Vintage Hockey Edition

Last month at the local show a dealer had a binder of near complete sets of ’69-’70 and’70-’71 Topps Hockey.  I showed some interest and he shot me a price.  The price was higher than I’ve ever spent on cards new or old, but it was quite fair.  I told him to let me think it over and I’d check with him the next month.  So the other week the local show rolled around and he still had the lot.  Now what I didn’t know was the lot was for more than just the binder with the sets, it was also for a 800 ct. box of doubles and other commons from the ’70’s.  I decided to pull the trigger and now I have way more vintage hockey than I really need.  Not only did I receive two near complete sets, both are under 15 common cards shy of a complete set, but I also received 2 to 3 partial sets of both years.  Here’s a few highlights of the lots.

Now if anyone is interested in buying or trading for these I would be more than willing to entertain offers.  My plans are to finish off the two sets for myself and finish off a set each and send them to theBay when hockey season gets going.  If you’re interested in singles, a starter set, partial set, or complete set, feel free to offer away.  I also have a ton of singles from ’72-’73, ’73-’74, and ’77-’78.  Again, all are for trade or sale so if you want something just let me know!

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