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Contest Time!

UPDATE:  We already have a winner.

Mr. Dustin Hoffman has defeated the odds and got this on his first guess.  Please email me your info and I’ll get the prize in the mail.  I’ve removed his answers just in case someone was real bored and needed a challenge.  I’ll get around to posting the answers in a couple of days or weeks,  or hell, whenever I get to it.  I really hope it’s the real deal Dustin Hoffman, I’m a big fan of the Ishtar!

The $201.80 Puzzle

I’m bored!  So I put together a little puzzle.  Above are 12 different baseball cards all mish mashed into one card.  All you have to do is figure out what all 12 cards are.  I need the year and player or number of the card.  The winner will win all 12 cards featured in the puzzle.  The first to answer 100% correctly in the comments section wins.  It’s as easy as that!  If no one answers correctly with in a few days I will slowly reveal clues through my Twitter account.  Some jump out as pretty easy, but a few of them may take a while.  Guess as many times as you wish.  The only hint I will give here is their high Beckett value.  These are in no particular order.

#1)  $6.00

#2)  $4.00

#3)  $25.00

#4)  $5.00

#5)  $120.00

#6)  $3.00

#7)  $.50

#8)  $12.00

#9)  $3.00

#10)  $8.00

#11)   $.30

#12)  $15.00

That is a grand total of $201.80 worth of cards!  Actually that’s the total Hi-Beckett, so really it’s about $20 or so, but they’re some great cards in there!  Good Luck!


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