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Wocka Wocka Wockenfuss!

So you’re probably wondering why I hardly ever post anymore, and when I do, I come strong with a beat up Johnny Wockenfuss autograph?  Is it because he’s a lifetime .262 hitter.  Nope.  Maybe it’s because he hit 86 career home runs over a 12 year career?  Not even close.  Maybe it’s because he’s a full-fledged member of the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame.  Wrong again.  The simple answer is, it’s my damn blog and I can do whatever the hell I want too!  That, and I like players with funny names and cards that make me laugh!  This covers both bases.  I’m easy to please.  That’s the beauty of collecting.  Some go out and search for low numbered parallel rookie autographs of the hottest superstars out there or search high and low for the sickest multicolored patch card of their favorite player.  That’s all fine and dandy for those who don’t mind spending a boat load of money, but for me, I like cheap!  If you buy cheap it’s hard to get burned.  The problem is when you’re a fan of cheap, it can be hard to find something worth collecting.  Not for me.  I can find as much, if not more, enjoyment in a beat up Johnny Wockenfuss autograph as others do in their 12 swatch 14 color patch cards.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a shiny autograph of Hank Aaron or a Sandy Koufax Dodger Blue patch card, just not as much as I’d like to have the $400 one of those would cost me.  It’s a lot easier to part with the $2 this bad boy set me back, and get the gratification of finding a hard to find autograph of one of the game’s greatest names!  But that’s just me!

Here’s a list of other players that belong in my Great Name Hall of Fame Collection.

  • Rusty Kuntz
  • Harry Chiti
  • Dick Pole
  • Herb Score
  • Woody Held
  • Seth Morehead
  • Pumpsie Green
  • Razor Shines
  • Charlie Furbush
  • Johnny Dickshot
  • Wonderful Terrific Monds
  • Bake McBride
  • Doug Fister

Feel free to hit me up with a trade offer on any of these guys!  If you know of any others that I forgot, leave them in the comments.  I’m always looking.


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