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Mobile Checklists, You Want ’em, You Got ’em!

If your like me, and I know you are, you would love it if one of the great card companies out there would get with the times and release a checklist app for our fancy phones.  I mean c’mon, there’s apps for everything!  If I want to find a recipe, there’s an app.  If I need to know the weather, there’s an app for that too.  Want to know your horoscope, there’s dozens of app for that!  Topps even made an app for a card flipping game that nobody plays.  Hell, the Kama Sutra has over 500 different apps available!  But when it comes to the single most useful tool for us collectors, there isn’t a single one to be found.  Even the #1 Authority hasn’t cashed in on this yet, but to be honest, we all know they’d just fuck it up beyond use and charge way too much for it!  I tried to create an android app with their app creator program but I soon found out I wasn’t smart enough to do such a thing, so I did the next best thing, I figured out a simple way to use Zistle along side with Google Docs to create checkable checklists on the go.  Here’s a quick an easy guide so you can do it too.

First go to Zistle.com.  If you’re not a member, that’s cool, it’s simple, free, and easy to sign up.  Not only is it your first key to getting mobile checklists, it will also help you break free from the Beckett chains!

When in Zistle, create a collection under the collection tab.  For this exercise I went with the 2011 Topps main set. Mark the ones you have and the ones you want.  It’s fast and easy.  If you don’t have any cards for a set and just want to set up a checklist, just go through and add all of the cards from the set.  It’s quicker to use the list option and display 100 per page.

The next step is to export your collection.  Under the Dashboard tab you will find an Export My Cards option.  After you select that you will be taken to to the Export File page.  Choose collection if you want the whole set to be displayed or if you’d rather just have your wants or haves you can just choose those.

This may take a few minutes depending on how large the collection is.  When it’s finished it will appear under My Exports.  Click on that and then choose export file and then it will download the file to your downloads folder.

After that, you’re done with the Zistle side of things.  From here we go to Google Docs.  If you’re not familiar with Google Docs, it’s a cloud service for your various Office files.  You will need to sign up and register for this too, but it’s as easy as having a Google account.

The first step is to upload the file you just created using Zistle.

Just click the little upload icon next to the create button and find the file that was created.  In this case it was 324.csv.  Once it’s loaded it will show up at the top.

When you open it it will look a little messy.  You’ll have to delete a couple of columns and make the columns the right size for everyhting but in the end you should be able to make this…..

look like this……

From there, all that’s left to do is to download the Google Docs app to your fancy phone and you have a fully functioning mobile checklist.  Pretty easy huh?  If anybody wants to play around with this file here’s a link to it.  All I ask is that you don’t erase anything or go hog wild with it, I put it out there just for an example.

You’d think the great minds at Topps and Panini would be able to bring something like this to market.  It’d be as easy as making the app and putting QR codes on the dummy insert cards.  Or better yet, instead of  Topps continuing to mindlessly reprint their cards form the past, make those cards with a QR code for a checklist from the corresponding year.  It’d be a lot more useful than that stupid card flipping game!

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