2012 Topps Fantasy League

If you are reading this, chances are you enjoy baseball cards.  I would suspect that some of you also enjoy playing fantasy baseball and football.  I would go further to suspect that if you’re a fan of those, you would maybe also like contests, prizes, and giveaways.  Well you’re in luck!  I’ve figured out a way to have all three combined into one card.

I know it’s a bit of a polished turd but try to follow me here.  What I’m proposing is a Topps Fantasy league.  It would require a bit of work on their part, but I don’t think it would be impossible to get done.  The first thing that would be necessary is an insert much like Topps Town or the giveaway cards from the last two years.  Add a QR code and a mobile app for scanning and managing your collection.  Then a website similar to The Topps Diamond Giveaway site would have to be set up  and run much like it is already with one extra function, the ability to host a fantasy league.  I imagine a partnership with an already established site wouldn’t be that hard to do.

Here’s how it would work.  Special code cards would be inserted into packs like they already are.  You would use a QR scanner built into the mobile app to scan the code.  You would then be issued a three card digital pack, plus a chance at a prize much like the “Digs” from this year.  The digital cards would make up your roster for your fantasy team.  You could then trade with other players to improve your team or sell them for “Digs”.   This way if people just want “Digs” they can sell their digital cards and people who are more interested in the fantasy aspect can easily improve their team.  Both camps would be happy.

The Fantasy league would have two options.  First would be the traditional leagues.  You would get together with friends or strangers and set up your own private leagues.  A commissioner would set up the rules and players would compete against one another.  The other would be a public rotisserie league where every one would compete against each other in several statistical categories.  Then it would be up to Topps to reward each leader with a prize.  They could set up benchmarks during the season to reward smaller prizes throughout the season and have grand prizes for the end of the year leaders.  If it was completely up to me I would make the prizes specific to the stat.  For example, who ever has the most stolen bases at the end of the year would receive a Ricky Henderson autographed base.  Most saves would win a Mariano Rivera autographed jersey.  If you get the most home runs, you win an autographed Hank Aaron bat, because we all know he is still the true Home Run King!  Obviously this would need some ironing out but I think it would accomplish a few things that are missing in the baseball card world right now.  First it may bring in fantasy fans that aren’t necessarily collectors.  Seriously, those guys are way more fanatical than most of us, and that is saying a lot!  The other more importing thing would be the building of a community of collectors online.  Not only would we be competing against each other, but it would give us a chance to trade and talk cards with people that we may not have been able to before.  I would think it would be a welcomed added value to a pack of cards.  It would be something that takes the cards beyond the shoe box or binder and extends the value of the purchase.  I’m not sure how willing Topps really is to be “Game Changers”, but something like this would be a good first step.

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  1. What a great idea! I did something somewhat similiar this year. I bought a box of Topps Opening Day cards. I snail mailed a pack to each of my baseball friends asking them to play MLB.com’s Beat the Streak with me. One of my friends photographed the letter:
    Spudart sent me baseball cards!

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