’62 Topps

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  1. Jef

    Card #129 Lee Walls is from that second series. That’s one of the cards that has two pictures. The one you have is the more common photo.

    Your #184 Haywood Sullivan card is from the second series. Back in ’62, each series issue would contain 12+ cards from the next series. The Sullivan card is actually on the third series checklist.

  2. Jim Davis

    Good morning,
    I wrote you last night with a question about a 1962 green tint, but I probably screwed it up and it probably ended up no telling where.
    The question is regarding the card #138 of the Babe Ruth tribute series. I honestly have a hard time telling the difference between the normal issue and the green tint. Almost every other card in this series is easily distinguishable by the greenish tint except for this one.
    Now I think I may picked up on something, but could you verify them?
    1) The grass on the green tint card appears bluish-gray compared to more greenish on the normal card.
    2) The picture on the green tint appears slightly out of focus on the green tint.
    3) His bat on the green tint appears fatter and somewhat warped.
    4) The banner “The Famous Slugger” to me cuts his feet off on the green tint, doesn’t appear so on the normal card.
    5) The umpire appears close to the left border on the green tint.
    My eyes are probably playing tricks on me, therefore I was wondering if you verify or debunk.
    This is the last card I need for a 62 master set and I wanted to make sure I have both. I have the normal card, just wanted to make sure I get a true green tint version.
    Thanks so much for your time.


  3. I’m thinking you have the green tint. The one way I have found to tell the difference is the green tints are generally out of focus. I would like to see some scans of these cards so I can see the differences. It may help me along my journey. Congrats on finishing this set. Just curious, how long did it take?

  4. Jim Davis

    I don’t think I can send the pics to your blog, if I’m wrong let me know and I’ll send them that way.If you’ll send me an email address I can send them to you. Actually, I have both 138 cards and yes the so-called green tint is somewhat out of focus and to me the other items are legit. But I can’t get anyone on Beckett or PSA to respond yea or nay. The problem with the focus issue is if your looking on line, most of the scans make it real difficult to distinguish focus/out of focus, and compound this with most of the people selling online don’t know the difference in green tints on the normal issue cards let alone this one.
    It took a long time, some of the cards in the set I’ve had since my childhood…and I’m not going to say how long ago that was. I guess from that point going forward, about two years, then of course in the midst of it all I got this crazy idea to do the master set.
    I lack one card each for a complete 57 & 59 and I have a complete 60 & 63. The 62 master was easily the hardest.

  5. If you want you can send them to my email, project1962@yahoo.com.

  6. The 1962 Green Tint cards can be difficult to tell from the regular ones, depending on how tinted it is. Sometimes the only way to tell is to look at the two cards side by side. We have all the variations posted, so you should be able to tell which ones you have. 1962 Topps

  7. I have side-by side photos of all of the regular & green tint variations from the 1962 2nd series posted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/obctom/sets/72157602774575697/


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