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Card Show Goods


Last Sunday was once again Super Show Sunday.  There were maybe 8 dealers there Sunday and surprisingly quite a few people wandering around.   I don’t know how many were there for the show, and how many were there for the horseshoe tournament.  That’s right, our local “mall” has an indoor horseshoe pit, club, store, place?  Not quite sure what to call it, but it is what it is.  There were the regulars there with some new stuff out and there were a few new faces.  That is were I picked up what might be my new favoritest card I own.  That’s right, favoritest.  I figure if a mall can have a horseshoe pit, I can invent new words.  It’s a little rounded and a bit creased but hell, it’s a ’56 Banks.  I was going to walk away from the table with a ’73 Billy Williams\Rod Carew leaders card for $1 when I overheard the dealers wife complaining about not making many sales.  That’s when I made my move.  He had it stickered for $50.  I offered $25.  He then went to his trusty Beckett and I thought for sure the sale was doomed.  He explained it booked for $100 and he knew the condition wasn’t the greatest and countered with $40.  Now if he has this priced at $50, why in the hell is he going through his Beckett?  He already knew what it was “worth” so I figured he was just making sure I knew what it was “worth”.   I ended up getting it for $30 and he threw in the Williams\Carew card for free, what hell of a guy.  He also had a ’58 Banks and his rookie on the table.  I hope he comes back next month so I can try to snag those from him too.  Other than that I picked up a couple more for my ’62 set……..


A nice unmarked 6th series checklist with a pair of Colavito bookends. I also snagged a new oldest card for my collection…………


It’s a 1951 Bowman Bob Ramazotti, nothing to brag about but it is 58 years old!  Here’s the rest of the loot…..card-show-3-1-09

I bought 4 packs of ’09 Heritage and thought I would seek out a couple of real ’60s Topps.  I ended up with Lou “Hollyfield Ear’ Johnson and the guy who apparently bit the damn thing off was none other than Bill Mazeroski, he’s got the blood splattered all over his face and it looks like he ‘s still chewing it.  I also picked up a couple of Cubs In Action and a nice Puckett RC to replace my beat to hell one from a pack I opened when I was 7.  I scored a Rocco Baldelli GU jersey out of the ’09 Heritage, if any one would want to trade a stack of commons from the set for it let me know.



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This Is A Seven?


I’ll start out by saying that I hate the Cardinals, I hate Tim McCarver, and I hate graded cards.  With all that said I still bought this.  It came from Ebay and cost all of $4.00.  It “books” for $30 and being a “7” I thought it was an Ok deal.  My question is, does this really look like a 7?  The corners are as round as Rosie O’Donnell.  It has one of the roughest surfaces I’ve seen on a ’62 card.  It’s pretty badly off centered, not horrible, but still far from perfect, and all four edges are dinged to high hell.  I understand that this is a BCCG grade and that’s the very basic service, but that doesn’t justify giving this card a 7.  If I had to rate a girl on a scale of 1 to 10, a 7 would still be on the high end of the spectrum.  Hell, a 5 would still be Ok looking.  If this card was a girl I’d give it a generous 4.  I completely plan on breaking this card out of it’s lucite prison.  If this is a truly justifiable 7, most of my set is a 7 or better.  Hell, I might even have a couple of 9’s.  After reading “The Card” and after receiving this card, I now know for sure I will never send anything out ever to be graded! Here are three examples of what I imagined would be 7’s and what BCCG tells me what a 7 is.


I guess the point of this post is beware, the 7 you think you’re getting may not measure up once you get it.

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1962 Billy Williams


I’ve been on a Hall Of Fame streak lately with my ’62 set.  This beauty here set me back $4.42.  It has some unsightly surface damage but strangely the card is smooth to the touch.  It’s still worth every penny of the $4.42.

Williams started his career in 1959 with the Cubs. He only played in 30 games between ’59 and ’60.  This allowed him to become the Rookie of the Year in 1961.  He played 16 years with the Cubbies before finishing his career with 2 seasons in Oakland.  He was a 6 time All Star who finished his career with 426 HR, 2,711 hits, 1,475 RBI’s and a .290 BA.  He was elected to the Hall Of Fame in 1987.  The Cubs retired his number, 26, later that year.  I was fortunate enough to be at that game.  I’ve actually been fortunate enough to be at 3 out of 4 of the number retirement ceremonies, Banks being the only one I have missed.  I was also fortunate a few years back when my Mom went to a game on Billy Williams Day and won an autographed baseball.  It now sits next to my Santo and Sandberg balls.  I still need the Banks auto to have all four retired jersey numbers.  Somehow Banks manages to elude me!

I have managed to post a complete have/have not list for the ’62 set here.  I am almost 25% of the way home!


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Trade Package Bananza


I received two of the best trade packages I have ever received this week.  The first comes from a young collector named Isaac.  He has a blog with his Father, Tony, called Ike’s Cards.  They are both Cardinal fans living in the wrong state, but I guess that’s OK.  We share a rare fondness for Sportflics.  Along with showcasing some nice vintage Cardinals cards, Tony has also turned me on to some nice baseball art.  I’m going to show my wife 20×200 and hope she can take a hint and maybe get me something nice for my birthday!  Their package was full of great Cub’s cards, including my favorite card of ’08, the Sandberg Masterpiece.  I have three of them, but if I had 300 of them I would still want 301 of them.  That’s how much I love this card!  They also sent a bunch of Turkey Red including the D Lee chrome card.  I came back to the hobby too late to fully enjoy these, so these were extra appreciated.  I also received a slew of Fukudome RC.  I truly hope he can come back in ’09 and be worth his contract.  And then maybe his card’s value’s can be justified.  Right now he is a shining example of how out of touch Beckett really is!  All in all this was a great package!  If a 6yr old Cardinal fan has a Cubs collection like this I would love to see his Card’s collection!  Thanks Isaac, you will from now on, receive every Cardinal hit I pull from here on out.


The next trade came by way of the Owl.  Night Owl that is.  It started out as a 1 for 1 trade, the Ripken MP for a James Loney MP.  Some how it turned into a package deal.   He was kind enough to throw in the one and only ’09 UD I was interested in.  Unfortunately this card brings up some mixed emotions.

The story goes like this, a tragic hurricane hits Texas.  The Cubs are to play in Texas.  The games are postponed.  They are then set to play the games in Milwaukee.  I live right between Milwaukee and Chicago.  Tickets go on sale, plenty available and are on sale at a reduced price.  I call my one buddy who I think might want to go.  He says maybe.  I get in an online waiting room.  BAM, I get a shot at infield box, under $100 for the pair!  I call him back, he complains of no money and he has to work on Monday and the truth is his wife told him NO! but he would never admit to it!  I’m pissed.  Go to turn on the game and it is not available in my area, WTF!  I am now reduced to listening on the radio.  It turns out that game is the first Cub’s no-hitter in 37 years.  I call my friend up and tell him how much I hate him and that I’m going to punch him in his nose next time I see him.  But at least I have a neat little card showing me what it would of looked like from an infield box seat!

Back to the trade package, The Owl also must of read my want list.  I now have another addition to my ’62 set, it’s a Cardinal but it’s a ’62 none the less.  I now have a great “Beltin” Bill Melton In Action card from the seventies.  This is one of the coolest subsets Topps threw together.  Most cards of the day were of staged action shots or portraits.  I also received two Rynos that I never knew existed.  These will be even more appreciated when or if I ever get down to the nitty gritty of the Ryno collection.  The backs of these provided a little entertainment……..


I believe these cards are from 1993.  A year when a four year, $28 million contract was the highest paid player in baseball.  The same year the Investment Advisor tells us to hurry and pay $50 for a Sandberg RC.  I bought two of these on Ebay early last year for $3.  Thats $1.50 each.  I wonder if this Investment Advisor went on to have a career with Bear Stearns or  Freddy Mac?

Thanks for the great trades, looking forward to the next ones!


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Two New ’62’s


This is what $10 will buy you these days!  Two 47 yr old baseball cards of Hall Of Famers.  As a young collector these are the kind of cards I could only dream of owning, now 20 years later I can pick them up for a little more than a super sized meal at McDonalds.   Beckett puts a value of $60 for the Snider and $40 for the Spahn.  I think I got the Snider for $2.75 and the Spahn for $4.75 and $2.50 for shipping.  These are obviously not in the mintiest of conditions but I am not overly concerned with that.  When I’m buying 47 year old pieces of cardboard I kinda want them to look like 47 year old pieces of cardboard.  It adds a bit of personality to the cards.

In other news, due to a nightmare of a cold/flu/I don’t know what the hell hit me, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I have received a couple of trade packages, including one while I was typing this.  They both deserve their own posts.  I also plan on doing some site maintenance and some updated want and need lists soon.  Hopefully I can get this all done before Spring Training is in full swing otherwise it will all be delayed once more.  Stay tuned……..


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The Best Wrong Handed Pitcher Ever


It’s been a while since I posted any cards from the ’62 set and considering the blog’s name is Project ’62 , I thought I better do some posting.  The only new card out of the four is the bottom one.  It fills a hole in a couple of my collections, the first one is obvious, the 1962 Topps set.  The second spot it fills is in my no-hit collection.  It’s not a set I focus on too much but I’m slowly putting together a set that showcases no-hitters.  It seems that virtually every modern day no-hitter has a card that commemorates the feat.  They are usually fairly cheap and easy to find in bargain bins.  This one however cost me $7.  The third void this fills is for a collection I’m putting together for my son.  I’m putting a side any great left handed pitchers that I come across.  I know he is only three but he is following his mother’s footsteps as a lefty, and just in case he decides to be a pitcher like his old man, I think it would be cool to have a stack of cards featuring great left handed pitchers to give him someday.  Warren Spahn deserves to be at the top of that stack.  They named the annual award given to the best lefty after him for christ’s sake.  For right now this card is going in my ’62 set until I come across another.

Warren Spahn is one of the ball players I really wish I could of watched play.  He is nothing short of amazing.  He was able to rack up a total of 363 wins.  If it wasn’t for his 3 yr military service he probably would of easily reached 400 wins.  He almost averaged 20 wins a season for over 21 years.  At age 42 he went 23-7  including 7 shutouts, all while being the third oldest player in the league.  He is 14 time All Star, but only won 1 Cy Young award.  He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1973.  His philosophy on pitching is one that I will teach my son and any other pitcher I coach,  “Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.”   Plain and simple!  Oh yeah, he also holds the record for most career home runs for a NL Pitcher with 35.   And as you can see by the first card he also owns one of the worst autographs ever!

On another note I had a shitterrible nite at work.  When I got home I found two packages waiting for me.  The first was from Jeff of I am Joe Collector.  He was generous enough to send a gift box full of Cubs padded by a bunch of 2000 Topps.  Thanks to him I now have another set to chase.  He has been praised all over the ‘sphere and deserves every bit of it.  Jeff, you totally kick tall ass!  The other was a pack of 2008 Series 2 Upper Deck from Patricia at Dinged Corners.  It was the prize from the match game.  It is also the first blog contest that I have won.  I pulled a Fukudome RC.  I really hope he comes out next year and earns his cards value because there is no reason his cards are valued where they are.  I also pulled a sweet D Lee card I did not have.  A big thanks goes to both of them for making the end of my night not suck.  You do not know how much that is appreciated!!!!  THANK YOU!!


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What I Spent All My Money On

The card show was Sunday and I had almost $100 to blow.  My intentions were to polish off the ’08 Masterpieces and buy a stack of ’62’s.  I was going to try and pick up a few cards for some peoples player collections too.  There is a guy who is all but trying to give his collection away and gives me incredible deals but of course he wasn’t there Sunday.  Neither were any ’08 Masterpieces, and the guy with the stack of ’62’s forgot the box at home.  So my plans pretty much went to shit and I spent $100 on some pretty random cards.  Here’s how I did……


The first card is a 1962 Topps AL HR Leaders.  This is my first “heavy hitter” of the ’62 set.  Any card that books over $100 is considered a “heavy hitter”.  This is a great card, it features Killabrew, The Mick, and of course Maris who just came off his record year of 61 HR.  Next to them is Mr. Orlando Cepeda, who coincidental led the NL in HR that year.   These two came to a total of $30, not bad considering all the home runs that were hit between these five guys.  I picked up another card from this same dealer for $20 to make it a nice round $50.


Here it is, it’s a 1971 Topps Nolan Ryan.  For $20 I couldn’t go wrong.  I was telling my kids yesterday that this guy started pitching when their grandparents were kids and didn’t stop until I was a kid.  He probably could make a spot start today if he needed to.  I also told them about the one time when some punk kid tried to charge the mound and Grandpa Ryan handed him a good ol’ Texas ass kicken.

What was Ventura thinking?

The next card I know I over paid for but oh well!


It’s got tape on it, a few dented corners, and somebody scribbled all over it, oh wait that’s actually his autograph.  Warren Spahn has one of the worst auto’s in baseball, but it is Spahn and it’s on a ’62 Topps.  I paid $20 for it.  I still can’t decide if it is worth it or not, but I’m glad I own it.

The next two cards I paid $10 for……


Out of all the Ryno cards I’ve owned over the years I never had this one.  I think I might be turning into a Ryno collector, I’m not sure, but I might be.  The next card is a 1970 Topps Fergie Jenkins.  I origanally bought this for me but I might trade it away if Applebaum comes up with a good deal.

The rest of my money went to supplies and a few random packs of junk wax.  So there it is, I went for some Masterpieces and came home with these, not bad.


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Mean Green

Here is my first pair of color variations in the ’62 set.  This may have been an early attempt at producing colored parallels.  Apparently there was a flaw with the printing process resulting in green tinting early in the second series of the set.  I have a few cards that I’m not sure if they are green tinted or not.  This one is obvious when held up next to the regular card, others are not.  Beckett claims that the green tinted cards carry a slight premium in the secondary market, I for one would never pay more for the one on the right.  I think there are about 100 cards that are victims of the green tint.  To complete the master set I would have to hunt these down bringing the total number of cards in the set to 689.  For now I will be happy with the set of 598.  If and when I do complete the set I feel the urge to hunt down the green parallels I will do so, but for right now, green or not, I will just add the card as a part of the set.  If I do only have the green tinted card I may go after the corrected version because they look a whole lot better.


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Happy Halloween!

I had a party and this guy showed up as Wally Moon dressed up as Dracula!  This odd looking specimen goes by the name of Ken L. Hunt, or the obvious joke,   K. Hunt.  I did a few searches on this guy and all I could find was his wikipedia page. It had almost nothing on it except for this…….

This was after I decided to make him my Halloween post.  Scary huh?  Maybe tonite I will be visited by the ghost of K. Hunt,  I can only hope.

Anyways Happy Halloween and remember to make sure your Snickers are razor free.

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Screw Candy, I Got Cards

101 to be exact.  I won this little lot on the-bay for a measly $40.  I haven’t even looked all the way though it yet, but I have found a few that I have been looking forward to getting.  Some are in good condition, others look like they were found in a mud puddle.  What do you expect for 46 year old baseball cards.  I’m gonna go through these and put them in top loaders tonite I’ll be posting them two at a time I think.  So be looking forward to a whole lot of wood grain goodness in the near future!

I’m also supposed to be picking up a few at the card show Sunday.  I won a little over $100 on the World Series so that will go towards cards at the show too, I can’t wait.  I’m also headed to a Beastie Boys concert Sunday.  A baseball card show and a Beastie Boys concert, it’s like 1987 all over again.

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