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Card Show Goods


Last Sunday was once again Super Show Sunday.  There were maybe 8 dealers there Sunday and surprisingly quite a few people wandering around.   I don’t know how many were there for the show, and how many were there for the horseshoe tournament.  That’s right, our local “mall” has an indoor horseshoe pit, club, store, place?  Not quite sure what to call it, but it is what it is.  There were the regulars there with some new stuff out and there were a few new faces.  That is were I picked up what might be my new favoritest card I own.  That’s right, favoritest.  I figure if a mall can have a horseshoe pit, I can invent new words.  It’s a little rounded and a bit creased but hell, it’s a ’56 Banks.  I was going to walk away from the table with a ’73 Billy Williams\Rod Carew leaders card for $1 when I overheard the dealers wife complaining about not making many sales.  That’s when I made my move.  He had it stickered for $50.  I offered $25.  He then went to his trusty Beckett and I thought for sure the sale was doomed.  He explained it booked for $100 and he knew the condition wasn’t the greatest and countered with $40.  Now if he has this priced at $50, why in the hell is he going through his Beckett?  He already knew what it was “worth” so I figured he was just making sure I knew what it was “worth”.   I ended up getting it for $30 and he threw in the Williams\Carew card for free, what hell of a guy.  He also had a ’58 Banks and his rookie on the table.  I hope he comes back next month so I can try to snag those from him too.  Other than that I picked up a couple more for my ’62 set……..


A nice unmarked 6th series checklist with a pair of Colavito bookends. I also snagged a new oldest card for my collection…………


It’s a 1951 Bowman Bob Ramazotti, nothing to brag about but it is 58 years old!  Here’s the rest of the loot…..card-show-3-1-09

I bought 4 packs of ’09 Heritage and thought I would seek out a couple of real ’60s Topps.  I ended up with Lou “Hollyfield Ear’ Johnson and the guy who apparently bit the damn thing off was none other than Bill Mazeroski, he’s got the blood splattered all over his face and it looks like he ‘s still chewing it.  I also picked up a couple of Cubs In Action and a nice Puckett RC to replace my beat to hell one from a pack I opened when I was 7.  I scored a Rocco Baldelli GU jersey out of the ’09 Heritage, if any one would want to trade a stack of commons from the set for it let me know.



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1991 Fleer Ultra




I picked up a box of these at the card show for $7.  This is the first premium set produced by Fleer.  The design is basic, but nice and clean.  This set features some great photography and are printed with metallic ink.  It looks great on the cards, but doesn’t fair so well on the scanner.  The set features 400 cards,  372 base cards, 17 prospect cards, 6 great performances cards, and 4 checklist cards featuring players on them.  There is also a 10 card Ultra Team subset.  I came up just 11 cards short of the set and need 3 more for the complete Ultra Team.  There are a few boxes on eBay for around $15 shipped.  If your looking for a good cheap box from the early ’90s with quality photos and collation, go pick yourself up a box of Ultra.  And if you do, I could really use these……….

1991 Fleer Ultra

#53 Lee Stevens

#84 Bobby Thigpen

#132 Craig Biggio

#157 Kurt Stillwell

#187 Dan Gladden

#190 Gene Larkin

#241 Eric Plunk

#243 Todd Burns

#353 Kenny Rogers

#374 Steve Carter

#398 Checklist Card (Von Hayes)

Gold Inserts

#2 Will Clark

#5 Rickey Henderson

#6 Bo Jackson


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Card Show Booty


Today was Super Show Sunday.  There were only 5 dealers there today but I still managed to squander my weekly allowance in a matter of minutes!  The first card I picked up was the “Manager’s Dream” card.  I made a deal for this card last month but had too many other things in my hands to afford it.  The card features Mantle and Mays and if you look in the background you can see the back of Hank Aaron.  This photo was taken at the second game of the All Star double header in Boston, the first game was played 20 days earlier at Candlestick.  What’s that you say, the second game?  Apparently they played the All Star game in a double header format starting in 1959 and continued to do so through 1962.  This was also the first All Star game to end in a tie.  The guy I bought these from said that he had a surprise for me, and what a surprise it was.  He pulled out a tray of what had to be about 2,000 cards from the ’62 set.  He said that I could take my pick for $1 each.  I immediately went for the high series and pulled a few out…..


I grabbed two Herzogs in hope of getting one autographed TTM.  Somehow I ended up with two Jacke Davis’, he only palyed 48 games in his career, all in 1962.  Somehow he managed to get traded 4 times between 1962 and 1963 and not play a single game for the other 4 teams.  That’s got to be a record of some kind?   I also picked up a Danny Murphy card.  I got the same card except it’s a 1961 Topps, the only difference is this one has 1962 rookie and some sweet wood grain borders.  The highlight of this group maybe the unmarked checklist.  I’ve looked for ever for one of these and they are just about impossible to find.  I’m hoping I can get the same deal next month!  The rest of my money went to fill a couple holes in my Cub’s binders…..


This year I want to work on my Cub’s binder.  I also want to put a little binder together featuring 1 card from every year of  Topps.  I think I may be close to that collection but I’ll have to sort through a few piles before I find out.  My plan is to keep upgrading the cards when I can, and eventually have 1 big hit from every year.  I finished the day off with a box of ’91 Fleer Ultra and a box of ’92Leaf.  I picked those up 2 for $15.  I still think the ’91 Ultra set is one of the best looking sets I’ve seen that is worth next to nothing.  I plan on doing a post later this week to prove my point.

Faith Hill is singing right now so I will wrap this up with a Super Prediction:  Arizona  32  Pittsburgh  27


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My Neck Of The Woods

Here’s a little article that was in the local paper a while back about the monthly card show in all it’s glory!!!  I just found it online today.  Let me know if this sounds at all familiar?  Freeport Journal Standard.  Go Pretzels!!!


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Card Show Review


This past Sunday was the world famous Freeport monthly card show.  There are usually between 7 to 10 dealers there.  I arrived half way through the show and took my usual once around.  I noticed the one dealer who is liquidating his collection was there.  I stopped and talked to him for a minute.  He was trying to sell his stuff by the table.  He had three tables set up.  One had some decent mid 80’s cards.  There was a binder on that table that I was looking over, he told me to make an offer on the binder.  I didn’t really want the binder but he said he would let it go for $40.  I noticed a page of Boggs RC and a page with half Mattingly RC and half Gwynn RC, so for $40 it wasn’t a bad deal.  I was going to think it over for a minute but I was definitely thinking about getting it. Another one of his tables was full of Cubs and Sox stuff.  Some real nice stuff and some not so nice stuff.  The third table had some unopened packs and boxes and a few high end vintage cards.  He wanted $300 for that table.  By the time I had finished my lap I headed back.  When I got closer I noticed some one had bought both tables.  Then I saw the check he wrote.  He managed to take both tables for $350.  He also wheeled out a cart full, and I mean full, of mid to early 80’s Fleer and Donruss.  I was slightly pissed because I was going to pick up the one binder,  which also had 2 or 3 pages of the 1983 Topps Super Vets that Mr. Applebaum is looking for,  Sorry Brian!!!  This left me with the middle table full of Cubs and Sox cards.  I started to flip through a binder of Cubs partial team sets from ’73 to ’85.  It also had several pages of Ryno, Maddux, and Dawson.  So to make a long story short I grabbed a handful of Cubs from the ’50s, a sweet looking Bert Blyleven RC, and the Cubs binder and offered him a $50 spot, He countered with $65 and I gave him $60.  For the price of a mid-level box of todays cards I was able to walk away with just under 1000 Cubs cards from the mid ’70s to the mid ’80s.  After sorting through the binder I have over 100 doubles from the team sets, 27 ’87 Topps Rynos, a slew of ’89 Donruss Maddux’s, and a mess of oddball doubles.  If anybody is looking for any of this stuff let me know because I’m looking to trade.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the Nolan Ryan card that shows just how much of a bad ass he really is!!


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Card Show Booty

I was able to score one of my favorite cards and its autographed.  The same dealer had about a half dozen Turk autos but only one had him brushing his teeth.  For $3 it was a no brainer.


Then I scooped up this bunch for whopping $15


I also bought a couple mystery boxes and have a ton of trade bait now.  I grabbed a bunch of different Sandbergs out of a bargain box.  I should have enough soon to justify posting a want list.   All in all it was a good day and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few days.  The winter meetings are like having Christmas early.  I asked Santa for a Peavy and a couple of Hall of Famers.  I so want to believe!!


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What I Spent All My Money On

The card show was Sunday and I had almost $100 to blow.  My intentions were to polish off the ’08 Masterpieces and buy a stack of ’62’s.  I was going to try and pick up a few cards for some peoples player collections too.  There is a guy who is all but trying to give his collection away and gives me incredible deals but of course he wasn’t there Sunday.  Neither were any ’08 Masterpieces, and the guy with the stack of ’62’s forgot the box at home.  So my plans pretty much went to shit and I spent $100 on some pretty random cards.  Here’s how I did……


The first card is a 1962 Topps AL HR Leaders.  This is my first “heavy hitter” of the ’62 set.  Any card that books over $100 is considered a “heavy hitter”.  This is a great card, it features Killabrew, The Mick, and of course Maris who just came off his record year of 61 HR.  Next to them is Mr. Orlando Cepeda, who coincidental led the NL in HR that year.   These two came to a total of $30, not bad considering all the home runs that were hit between these five guys.  I picked up another card from this same dealer for $20 to make it a nice round $50.


Here it is, it’s a 1971 Topps Nolan Ryan.  For $20 I couldn’t go wrong.  I was telling my kids yesterday that this guy started pitching when their grandparents were kids and didn’t stop until I was a kid.  He probably could make a spot start today if he needed to.  I also told them about the one time when some punk kid tried to charge the mound and Grandpa Ryan handed him a good ol’ Texas ass kicken.

What was Ventura thinking?

The next card I know I over paid for but oh well!


It’s got tape on it, a few dented corners, and somebody scribbled all over it, oh wait that’s actually his autograph.  Warren Spahn has one of the worst auto’s in baseball, but it is Spahn and it’s on a ’62 Topps.  I paid $20 for it.  I still can’t decide if it is worth it or not, but I’m glad I own it.

The next two cards I paid $10 for……


Out of all the Ryno cards I’ve owned over the years I never had this one.  I think I might be turning into a Ryno collector, I’m not sure, but I might be.  The next card is a 1970 Topps Fergie Jenkins.  I origanally bought this for me but I might trade it away if Applebaum comes up with a good deal.

The rest of my money went to supplies and a few random packs of junk wax.  So there it is, I went for some Masterpieces and came home with these, not bad.


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