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Trade Package Bananza


I received two of the best trade packages I have ever received this week.  The first comes from a young collector named Isaac.  He has a blog with his Father, Tony, called Ike’s Cards.  They are both Cardinal fans living in the wrong state, but I guess that’s OK.  We share a rare fondness for Sportflics.  Along with showcasing some nice vintage Cardinals cards, Tony has also turned me on to some nice baseball art.  I’m going to show my wife 20×200 and hope she can take a hint and maybe get me something nice for my birthday!  Their package was full of great Cub’s cards, including my favorite card of ’08, the Sandberg Masterpiece.  I have three of them, but if I had 300 of them I would still want 301 of them.  That’s how much I love this card!  They also sent a bunch of Turkey Red including the D Lee chrome card.  I came back to the hobby too late to fully enjoy these, so these were extra appreciated.  I also received a slew of Fukudome RC.  I truly hope he can come back in ’09 and be worth his contract.  And then maybe his card’s value’s can be justified.  Right now he is a shining example of how out of touch Beckett really is!  All in all this was a great package!  If a 6yr old Cardinal fan has a Cubs collection like this I would love to see his Card’s collection!  Thanks Isaac, you will from now on, receive every Cardinal hit I pull from here on out.


The next trade came by way of the Owl.  Night Owl that is.  It started out as a 1 for 1 trade, the Ripken MP for a James Loney MP.  Some how it turned into a package deal.   He was kind enough to throw in the one and only ’09 UD I was interested in.  Unfortunately this card brings up some mixed emotions.

The story goes like this, a tragic hurricane hits Texas.  The Cubs are to play in Texas.  The games are postponed.  They are then set to play the games in Milwaukee.  I live right between Milwaukee and Chicago.  Tickets go on sale, plenty available and are on sale at a reduced price.  I call my one buddy who I think might want to go.  He says maybe.  I get in an online waiting room.  BAM, I get a shot at infield box, under $100 for the pair!  I call him back, he complains of no money and he has to work on Monday and the truth is his wife told him NO! but he would never admit to it!  I’m pissed.  Go to turn on the game and it is not available in my area, WTF!  I am now reduced to listening on the radio.  It turns out that game is the first Cub’s no-hitter in 37 years.  I call my friend up and tell him how much I hate him and that I’m going to punch him in his nose next time I see him.  But at least I have a neat little card showing me what it would of looked like from an infield box seat!

Back to the trade package, The Owl also must of read my want list.  I now have another addition to my ’62 set, it’s a Cardinal but it’s a ’62 none the less.  I now have a great “Beltin” Bill Melton In Action card from the seventies.  This is one of the coolest subsets Topps threw together.  Most cards of the day were of staged action shots or portraits.  I also received two Rynos that I never knew existed.  These will be even more appreciated when or if I ever get down to the nitty gritty of the Ryno collection.  The backs of these provided a little entertainment……..


I believe these cards are from 1993.  A year when a four year, $28 million contract was the highest paid player in baseball.  The same year the Investment Advisor tells us to hurry and pay $50 for a Sandberg RC.  I bought two of these on Ebay early last year for $3.  Thats $1.50 each.  I wonder if this Investment Advisor went on to have a career with Bear Stearns or  Freddy Mac?

Thanks for the great trades, looking forward to the next ones!


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I Like Mail

My mailman rarely makes it to my house by the time I leave for work.  So it’s great when I can come home and find a package or two waiting to be opened!  Tonight was no exception.  Steve from Wait till next year was kind enough to send over two great cards from my want list, two cards that were on my I didn’t even know I wanted list,  two great cards that I already have, and a Poo-Holes.

The two from the want list are the Sutcliffe RC and the Dave Stewert RC.  Sutcliffe was the inspiration for me to become a pitcher in the Little Leagues.  Someday when I complete a few of the sets and player collections I’m already chasing, I think I’ll add Ol’ Sutty to the list of things to collect.  Sutcliffe inspired me and Stewert Scared me.  He was one scary dude when he was on the mound.  Back in my early teens I was a closet A’s fan.  I always bled Cubbie blue but I thought it would be OK to root for an American League team.  It now goes against everything I believe in but I fell for the Bash Brothers, The Eck, Rickey, and Dave Stewert.  When I pitched I always tried to be as intimidating as Stewert was.  I’m pretty sure he did a better job of it!

The two I didn’t know I wanted  are the Mitch Williams RC’s.  He was by far one of my favorite players when he played for the Cubs.  I was even rooting for the Phils in ’93, but we all know how that ended.  It’s good to see him on the MLB Network as an analyst minus the ape drape!

The two I already have are the Grace and Palmeiro.  This is the problem trying to trade with collectors of the same team.  If I didn’t already have them I would be stoked to get these as they are both great cards.  Luckily I have a 3 yr old son who I have started a pile of Cubs cards for.  These will be going to him, I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid and become a Cardinal’s fan!

That brings me to the last card.  I know Pujols is probably going to be one of the best of this generation and quite possibly one of the greatest of all time, but he is still a damn Cardinal!  I’m thinking this might be like an old maid card for Cub’s collectors.  Maybe Steve got it in a trade and wanted to get rid of it, and now I’m the old maid.  Maybe the next trade I make with Mr. Applebaum or if I complete a trade with Wrigley Wax I’ll make them the old maid.

Thanks again Steve for the great cards, yours finally went in the mail today.

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Giving Thanks

The first big thanks goes out to Matt from H.B.C.O.S.G. I helped him get closer to the end of the ’08 Topps and he sent me a package of top notch Cubs cards in return.  When I say top notch, I mean it.  It was full of Graces, Dawsons, a Palmeiro Rookie, and a slew of Sandbergs I needed.  It’s awsome when you can turn a pile of ’08 Topps dups into pure gold goodness of Cubs Cards.  Thanks Matt!


Second thanks goes to Steve from White Sox Cards.  About a week ago I made a call for some Scott Radinsky cards.  Steve answered in a big way.  All in all I think there was about 16 different cards he sent.  He has single handedly started my Radinsky collection.  Thanks Steve, even if you are a Sox fan!


Last but not least, a big thanks goes to Jeffrey over at Card Junkie.  He added a 1990 Bowman Radinsky RC to my new collection.  I have yet to send him anything in return but I promise I’m working on it.  He loves buying boxes of late ’80s early ’90s wax,  both of which I have, but are buried in the storage shed.  I hope he continues to buy this stuff because I think we can work out some trades in the future!  Thanks Jeffrey!



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Thanks dayf!

Last week dayf and I worked out a trade to get us a step closer to completing the ’08 Masterpieces set.  I believe I was able to complete his set except he in return sent me a few cards he only had singles of, what a great guy he is!  His generosity did not end there.  He took it upon himself nearly complete my set of ’87 Topps, which had quite a few holes in it.  I am now four cards shy of the Masterpieces set plus most of the SP’s and fourteen shy of the ’87 Topps set.  He then out did himself again by including these two cards….


The first card is a 1972 Topps Tom Haller In Action card.  I love the In Action cards of the ’70’s.  In a sea of posed photo’s it’s always nice to see some action shots.

The second card is a 1962 Topps AL E.R.A. Leaders card.  Not only will this go in my set nicely it also features the great Milt Pappas.  He was the last Cub to throw a no hitter prior to Big Z.  He nearly threw a perfect game if not for a questionable ball four call late in the game.

Thanks again dayf!  Everyone should visit his site Cardboard Junkie and tell him how cool he is!

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The Trading Game

Recently I turned this….


Into this……


Mr. Applebaum has one of the fastest mailmen in the business.  I think this card arrived before the trade was even finalized.  Anyways thanks Brian, your card should be there soon.  If you haven’t checked out his blog I suggest you do so.  It’s full of Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, ticket stubs, and some great what ever happened to’s.

I’ve made some great trades with in the Blogosphere.  It is the one aspect of collecting I miss most.  I have no friends who give a rats ass about baseball cards, no real hobby shop to speak of, and I can’t trust trades with people I don’t really know.  I think having a blog holds you some what accountable for your actions.  When I first hopped back into the hobby I attempted to use Beckett’s trading system.  Holy shit does it suck!  The one and only trade I made, I have yet to receive my cards.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the jackass I traded with started to tell people I was not worth trading with.  What I had was a Ronny Paulino ’08 Topps Auto’d Highlight card.  I searched through his cards and picked a few Cubs cards I did not have.  Now the book value of the Paulino card was $10, the cards I picked out had a total book value of $3.30.  I waited for a week with no response.  Finally he responded back with a yes. I sent out the card the very next day and waited for mine to arrive.  They never showed up.  I sent him a message asking where the cards were.  He send back that I owed him $6.00.  WTF!  I reviewed the trade and at the top there is a spot to add cash to a trade.  When he accepted he added $6.00 to the trade and I did not notice it.  I told him where to go and have yet to receive my cards.  Seriously, I gave him a $10 card for $3.30 worth of cards that he had a selling price of $1.60, and he still wanted six more dollars, again WTF!

This is the reason I will only trade with fellow bloggers and readers of the blogs.  I am a card carrying member of HaveWant, if you haven’t checked that out you should right after you check out Brians blog, 30 Year Old Cardboard.

I am also making it official that I am a collector of Ryne Sandberg.  I have a huge pile of his cards, unfortunately there stuck in a storage shed and may not see the light of day for a very long while.  I’ve decided to go after these cards again and try to get all things Ryno.  I’ve added a new page with the cards I have here.  If you have anything I don’t, and want to trade, let me know.  Just don’t be sneaky and ask for a pile of cash on the side!


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