1982 Topps #191 Tim Wallach

Just to clear things up for A4A, the unimpressed reader on the previous post.  These mosaics are not meant to impress you.  They’re here merely for your enjoyment.  I enjoy them and I thought others might also enjoy them.  I’ve had requests for specific cards on twitter, twitter has a file size restriction, so I post the larger, higher resolution mosaics here so others can use the picture in any way they choose.  I also have custom prints available on Etsy if anyone wants one.  They are not here to leave you impressed by any means.  I’m not claiming these are magnificent pieces of art that I spend tireless hours creating.  This is not me screaming, “Look at me and how special I am!”  They are simply here for you to enjoy.  If you cant find simple enjoyment in looking at a baseball card, made up of thousands of  other baseball cards, then go back to reading your Beckett and pack searching for the latest serial numbered, triple jersey relic, purple paralleled variation, gold inked auto, super rare mojo hit of the latest and greatest 16 year old to put on spikes.  While you’re  busy doing that, I’ll be here, enjoying my cards!  This one goes out to Stack for coming to my aid.  Send him some Wallachs already!!!!

191 Mosaic


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5 responses to “1982 Topps #191 Tim Wallach

  1. A4A

    I see this has gotten out of hand. I’m sorry for being blunt and rude. I should have explained my opinion that perhaps you should reference how you make the mosaics (which I do enjoy), in lieu of giving the impression that you are painstakingly making these. I am just of the opinion of citing and crediting when necessary. Again, I apologize for my earlier comments, and I wish you much success with your hobby.

  2. Update: A4A isn’t a total jerk bag after all. Still not sure what gave you the impression that I spent hundreds of hours sorting through thousands of cards to make these, of course it’s a computer program, silly!

  3. Aaron Johnson

    These are AMAZING. I love the ’52 Mantle, the Clemente, the ’75 Schmidt, and I really REALLY love the ’71 Munson. How do you make these? Was the software expensive? It must take a monster computer to assemble those!

  4. very cool idea 🙂

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